It’s baaack!


It has been some time since I have last posted.  Two totally awesome things happened.  First, the ogre left for three days on a trip.   Then the ogre left again for 7 full days to France!! It was bliss.  Sadly DH had to work the entire week and weekend morning and evening shift so we never got to enjoy the alone time together. But, it was still bliss.  No slamming doors or grumbling.  None of that!  I moved my computer downstairs and spent my week job hunting and playing some online games.  When DH came home from work we sat in the conservatory and watched some Game of Thrones a friend had lent us.  That’s right, we could sit and watch T.V. in peace and quiet.

The ogre had to come back though.  He got back about 11pm one night just as DH and I were heading to bed.  DH had to be up for work at 6am the next morning.  What does FIL do? Repeatedly slam doors every 5-10 minutes until 4am. Did he stop at 4am? I have no idea.  That’s when I finally fell asleep from exhaustion.  I almost fell asleep on three separate occasions until the slamming sound jarred me back awake.

In the morning it was same ol’ same ol.  Go down stairs to prepare DH’s breakfast and pack his lunch and find FIL has had cereal for a late night snack. How do I know? Because the cereal is all over the counter.  So I wash his dishes (he usually stays up late, eats and leaves dirty dishes for us in the morning) and clean up the cereal.

DH comes down to eat his breakfast and I go use the bathroom downstairs. FIL has shit on the toilet seat yet again. I don’t know what’s wrong with this guy.

Then I see that FIL also had curry and managed to spill it down the walls he just had repainted a month ago.  A 4 foot stain of curry down the wall then he apparently proceeded to trample through it and smear it into the carpet.  He’s yet to clean it up and it’s been days.  DH and I have no idea how he slops stuff all over the place.  The couch in the conservatory has so many curry, mint sauce and wine stains on it.  One time the house stunk and we looked for about a week to try to find where the smell was coming from.  Well, they give a pot of chopped onions and salad along with every curry ordered.  The man had dropped the onions and salad between the cushions and never cleaned it up. It sat there in a hot room and stank up the place. Yesterday we found one of his curry take away containers tossed behind a chair… it makes me shake my head.


PS: The poor housekeeper is still coming around.

Did the housekeeper run for the hills?


Yesterday was slightly irritating.  FIL didn’t even up leaving the house until almost 4pm.  Most likely he left to eat out.  Which meant I was very hungry yesterday. DH got home from work and the dentist and he made some pork belly and I made some eggs.  I was still a bit hungry, but my other food was still frozen and unbagged so I let it sit out for a few hours to thaw.  (Ended up by the time it thawed FIL came back and DH and I just wanted to be upstairs, so no dinner)

While we were in the kitchen cooking I noticed that there were a bunch of papers in the stack of papers to be taken out to put in the recycle bin.  So I look through them, as I do because I always go through the trash here because I never know what I may find of mine.  So I found two things of interest.  One is a piece of mail for me that FIL has taken upon himself to open, read and throw away.  That’s right, I don’t get the chance to see my mail and decide if I want to read and keep it.  There was also one of DH’s magazines in the trash, but he never reads it anyway, so that wasn’t a big deal.  (FIL usually shreds most of the mail, so I’m sure there is mail of mine that has been shredded without even knowing about it) The second thing in the pile was an envelope with the housekeepers name on it.  He always puts her pay in an envelope and gives it to her like that.  But this Weds she never came and I found it odd that he apparently opened and removed the money.

I wonder if the housekeeper quit? Last time she was here FIL was saying something to her, I don’t know what as a door was in the way, but he was using the tone of voice he uses when he used to talk to MIL.  You know, the you’re a piece of stupid garbage voice.  I couldn’t believe it when I heard it, as “outsiders” don’t get the pleasure of hearing that voice. So maybe she went quit.  Or maybe FIL fired her because now she’s seen his asshole side.  I really hope for that lady she doesn’t come back. 😦

You might think, why do you have a housekeeper with so many able bodied people living there? Answer: I don’t know! The housekeeper was there years before I moved in apparently.  FIL told me one day, back when he was talking to me that he hired her because his son was such a slob and he was tired of picking up after him.  And DH is kind of messy, but it does not warrant a housekeeper.  FIL is messy as well.  I’d say DH is cluttery and FIL is disgustingly filthy.  Like drop  orange curry and wine all over the couch and floor and not clean it up filthy. (Or drop shredded onions between couch cushions and let two rooms of the house stink up until I find there is food under the cushions and remove it!) When I first came to live here I asked FIL if I could take over cleaning as a way to help out around the house.  I would clean anyway, but this would make it official.  Well, he kept avoiding the subject, saying that we’d talk about it, but there were stipulations etc.  Stipulations?? I even had DH asked him about it and FIL said he could not get rid of the housekeeper because… listen to this… he had to give her employment because the lady needed in-vitro fertilization procedures!  Really it’s about control.  No one is going to tell him he doesn’t need a housekeeper, besides having one makes him feel all snooty and grand I’m sure.  Second, it’s someone that works for him, he gets to call the shots, he is in control.

P.S. Know my earlier rant about the tupperware container?  It’s been a few days and I wanted to make sure before I posted anything else.  DH and I made sure we got the container upstairs but now the lid is gone.  DH checked all the bins…. nothing. I give up.  Have it. Take a shit all over it dude… whatever you want. You win.