Privacy violated

I’m a bit pissed today. I’ve had my new email account for almost two years. I had to make a new one years ago so that if my ex hacked my account (has happened before) that he wouldn’t read much of interest. I get a mail in my box today, my email address has been passed on. When my brother emailed me weeks ago he needed my address so the lawyer could send documents about the case involving mom being sent to a psychiatric home. I was reluctant to give my address then and explained to him why. He said it would be fine and couldn’t be helped. He said he would give the lawyer my address directly. So I gave it to him then on the phone he says that he will have to call our sister back and give her the address because she’s been calling basically every 15minutes for it. Okay…but you just said… I mean I realise my address will be known because copies of this legal document will be sent around to all parties, but my email address as well? There is no need for that. 

Some people would say, oh it’s just your email address – if something comes just don’t open it, send it to spam mail. Yeah for normal folks. For people who have admitted to hiring private investigators to find your wareabouts in the past… yeah, it’s a bit more complicated. Now there are cyber snoopers. So now, yet again I get to change my email address and relink all my accounts. And what about forum postings? Posts that anonymously talk about my life and abuse? Stuff that talk about my daily life? I don’t want her reading these. It’s like giving her ammo. And no, this account isn’t linked to any email addresses that anyone knows. I just feel burdened, frightened, irritated…. and mostly tired of it all. And one might say, oh just wait to see if anything happens. You clearly have never been around something like her. Likely she’s been up all night trying to find out all she can based on my email. 

And I’m just mad. There was an incident yesterday and the day before that just left me pretty upset and the other incident shaken all day. I wake up feeling better today, finally. Then this shit. It is sad to say but I don’t want anything else to do with my brother. We have a non existent relationship as it is, it’s always me that has to call and use my dime so to speak when I don’t have many dimes to spare. I can’t and don’t discuss my problems here, our relationship is really superficial. There is no family support. I send the nephews cards and postcards. I never hear if they got them. I used to send gifts but again never would hear if they got them. Last time the boys had their birthday I tried to think about what to write in their cards. For days. It felt impersonal to just sign it and I always write something in people’s cards. But I couldn’t think of anything – my nephews and I don’t have a relationship. I ended up sending the cards late. (then extra late as the post office sent them back and I had to remail.) I’m just a stranger sending cards. I thought it is important to keep sending cards to them no matter what so they at least have that – an extended family member who remembers. There really isn’t a point anymore. I’ve never had a family and I’ve been pretty much alone for the last 17 years officially. There is a good reason. There is no respect. I only wanted one thing and that was my privacy so I could feel a little bit safe. But no. The only thing I ask for has been violated. 

3 thoughts on “Privacy violated

  1. That’s why I have a gmail account. I give that email address to people I don’t really want to hear from and then I never check it (hmmm, guess I’ve picked up a passive-aggressive trick or two in my time). Don’t know if that would work for you?

  2. A good idea – though if I don’t want to hear from anyone I won’t give them my address. I gave my brother or rather his wife my new address because I wanted to hear from her. At least she wrote back and told me how the boys were and how my bro was. But that was every few months then she stopped writing about a year ago. Haven’t heard a peep. My brother isn’t a problem himself so I never thought it would be a problem to give my address to his wife. I never in a million years would have guessed that he would give it to my sister. I mean why would he, he knows what a monster she is and how I try to keep my information and wareabouts private. 😦 I think what’s the real annoying part besides going against my wishes is the fact I have that account linked with everything. I am afraid that she will hire someone to do cyber snooping on me like she did with the PI. I can see her actually creating another identity to try to befriend me online somehow to gain information. Ugh. Seems extreme, but my sister has done similar to people.

    Haha, yeah I think everyone has a PA trick or two. I remember giving some guy who wouldn’t leave me alone in blockbuster video my phone number so he’d go away. It wasn’t until I got to the check out that he was a few customers in front of me, pulled out his phone and called my number, except it wasn’t my number… I just made it up… awkward…

  3. An anon account for “toxic family” would be the best way to go. That way you could check it when you’re feeling strong enough to deal with it and none of your accounts would be linked there. I’m betting your toxic sis forced your brother to give her the address – don’t be too hard on him…

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