About the Writer

As this blog changes so does my description:

Hello! I am an American expat living in the UK with my husband.  This blog is was way of coping with my passive aggressive bully FIL in which I had been living with almost 2.5 years.  The whole experience has caused me to become a shell of a person I used to be, I now have social anxiety, depression, have gained weight and rarely leave my husband and I’s 9 x 10 bedroom for the last year. I have since moved out and am trying to become myself again. I however am not sure who that is and have not had a true sense of self in 17 years. I have undergone every type of abuse off and on for 30 years. I believe I have C-PSTD and I have social anxiety. Most days are up and down and exhausting with triggers that leave me in a state for hours or most of the day.

3 thoughts on “About the Writer

  1. Wow. OMG. Fuck. My brain stuttered to a stop when I started reading. I have never encountered a human being more vile than your FIL. I am so sorry you are living this hell. I wish you much luck for a speedy solution and escape.

  2. Thanks! I think the worst is that I was married to a PA for 11 years and escaped… now trapped back with another PA & NPD – my FIL. Thank you, I hope I can find a job soon so DH and I can get out of here soon! The plan is to move out by March of next year. Then pray we have enough money in savings for further immigration visas. The way everything has happened (not sure how far you’ve read in my blog) has been perfectly orchestrated by my FIL – the way he’s sucked his son into 10 years of free work, keeping him chained at home, ruining his university degree (he had to give up on pursuing his masters), keeping him poor living on nothing with no savings and making us dependent on him for a place to live because he has screwed over DH so badly financially. So until we get some savings we have to endure the crazy man’s crap. In a way it’s worse and better than when I was with my Ex PA DH – at least misery has company. When we move out I want to move out when the man is gone… he comes back and we are just gone… forever.

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