Not Your Kind of People

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Little Red Survivor

If you’re an empathetic person, you could easily become the target of a toxic narcissist. This is not your fault, but awareness can help you avoid such pitfalls. When it comes to supplying their needs narcissists know there is no one more likely to keep feeding them than an empathetic person.

Empathetic people have been known to put their own bills on hold to pay for someone else and if that someone else is not holding down a job, they are probably a narcissist.

The narcissist has a victim mentality. The boss didn’t like them, so they fired them. The landlord didn’t like the way they decorated with spray paint and graffiti, so they asked them to leave. They would pay their bills, but they can’t find a decent job—decent being relevant to their ego’s demands. Besides why work when you can get people to work for you?


An empathetic person who has…

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