The strange man at the furniture store

I thought I would write briefly about this strange man I met at a well known furniture/full housing item store recently.  I was getting some items for the new place – toilet scrubber etc and was browsing the discount aisle. Everything here is usually in good shape but discounted because of it being a show item, fell out of the wrapper etc. Anyway I saw a bed I was admiring upstairs and in the size that would be perfect for 50% off. Buying it would make things tight but passing up the deal would be stupid as we kind of need a bed…


I was standing by the bed while DH was off asking CS about delivery options. A store employee walked up to me and asked if I needed help. I asked about delivery area, pricing etc. He answered the questions then started asking me about myself. If you are an expat you are used to this. People will say hi, comment that you are not from around here then bombard you with about 10 questions then walk off. (Some of the questions are really invasive to me anyway – do you have kids? *looks at you like a monster when you say no* then demands to know why not) Forgot trying to engage them in conversation, they just want to know all your details and then they are done with you.

So the guy starts asking me where I’m from and I groan inwardly. I tell him then he asks where I live. I tell him the town. He tells me he went to university there. I ask what he studied, he ignores the question completely. Then he gets this god awful look on his face – menacing and almost wants to get into a fight look. He asks me “Did you come with that guy?” I turn around and see some guy standing there. I tell him no, I’ve never seen that guy before. The man’s face instantly relaxes and he asks the guy what he wants. After serving the guy he comes back and keeps asking questions. He then tells me as he just discounted an item for the guy that he could probably lower the price. I said thanks that would be nice. He tells me to get a trolly for the bed so I walk towards the area to get it and the man stays back kind of after walking me half way there. DH has returned to our cart at the end of the aisle and I must pass by him to get the trolly. DH follows me and the guy gives the same death glare. I get the trolly and bring it back. The man has discounted the item by almost 100 pounds. DH comes up and helps load it on the trolly and the guy still gives him the death glare then acts very cold towards me. Whatever.

So we go to the checkout and get plastic and arrange for delivery. The man came over to the CS area to glare at DH once again. Very creepy. I mention this guy because quite frankly I’m sure he was trying to chat me up. Which is fine, it happens, but he was asking a lot of questions and when I ask in return he ignores them. (red alert) Also the look on his face when the other customer came up looking for help – it was angry and the fact his face went back to “normal” immediately when I said I didn’t know the guy. (red alert) The guy however never asked if I was in a relationship or married etc. The fact he followed DH to CS and glared at him (red alert).

This guy made me think that if he had a girlfriend he probably never allowed her to talk to anyone, leave his sight/house and could possibly inflict physical violence towards her. I was half expecting the mattress to be pissed on when I got it.

Quite frankly, the man made my skin crawl. Someone out there is going to be abused by this man.


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