Poop place


I called the poop place. I told them about the job ad with the differing pay. At first they claimed they never posted it. Then said they would call me back. Then they claimed that they must have posted the ad and I quote “8 or 9 years ago.” Then said they would only pay me the minimum wage. I was asked if I want the job or not. I said that I have not had time to have the contract looked over by another and no thank you. (There were also errors in the contract as well anyway – like the quit notice times – one page says one week then later in says two weeks in writing etc.)


Sad thing is – No one would have paid that much for the job 8 or 9 years ago.

And…. the website which it was published on – which is a club for a certain immigrant in a nearby town- the club wasn’t founded until the end of 2009 it says. I’m sure they didn’t get their website up immediately either, so the guy was lying. Pathetic. 

Ah well, dealing with fecal matter all day which no protective gear supplied probably not a good thing anyway. I’ll find something else.

Update – Escaped, Mom is still nuts, new job not so honest


It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged. I really haven’t been feeling like it, as the blog served as an outlet for my feelings a place to rant etc and things have been moderately good. Well, DH and I moved out and got the ogre to sign a paper that I had lived there during my last visa. After he signed it he left and we loaded the last of the stuff into the car and left for good. We did not say a word. DH still has the keys. I said I would mail them sign on delivery but I don’t know what’s going on with that. We’ve not heard from the ogre and it’s been over two weeks so he knows we’ve gone. Likely he’s changed the locks anyway. 

The new place is OK, like I told DH it will take weeks/months to get it in shape… what kind of shape I don’t know. I have not been going at it like I was previously but have estimated I have put in over 200 hours trying to fix up and clean this place so far from the month before moving in till present. The back yard looks like the city dump and our fence just collapsed the other day into the neighbors yard. DH and I have taken about three trips to the dump so far with matresses/garden debri etc that were thrown out there. I hope to get it cleaned up by July. 

One of my roommates has his shit in both the living room and dining room and fills both rooms. I cleaned up weeks ago and it helped but he grouched and told me not to touch his stuff again so now I have left it and it is back to being terribad again. I’m going to start poking him though about it, it is a bit ridiculous. I like working out in the garden though… it’s nice to be outside and I have claimed it for my own. I don’t have to wait for someone to clean it because I will do it all myself. (Well except for the broken washer set outside…) 

I have been feeling better now that I am not constantly terrified and my heart isn’t racing all day with door slams. I have however experienced three times of seeing someone’s shit sitting in the toilet. Last night someone shit didn’t even try to flush it and put the lid down. So DH is going to ask the roommates about it – whether they don’t want to flush the toilet past a certain hour or what. 

I got an email from my bro the other day, which I never do. I guess my mom’s lawyer is mailing me (supposedly) something to sign asking if I will come to the states for a competency hearing.  I could fill another blog with all the abuse from my mom. I went NC 17 years ago. But apparently she committed arson (No big surprise with her, she’s done worse) and they are looking to put her in a care home for crazy old people. So that instantly stressed me out. Also I had to give my address to my bro to pass along for the paperwork which may get to my sister who is crazy, stalky and abusive as well. She likes to appear on your doorstep out of the blue. Thankfully where I live it is harder but still… the stress of the unknown. I’ve had to end friendships with long time friends just she wouldn’t get info on me. She’d bug them, act nicey nice then they would give her details and addresses like idiots. Anyway…

The poop place I was suppose to start at today. They actually waited until Friday to mail me my offer letter and contract. I got it on Saturday. It said to just sign it since it was sent so late and to fill out medical forms and they will figure out if they can employ me. Wha? During the two weeks waiting on this DH started his new job and has picked up an extra responsibility in the morning now. He could drop it if need be with some notice but the contract coming so late made it impossible for me to give DH notice to give notice so he’d have the early morning free again so he could take me to work. I would also have to bring my passport, BMR to do paperwork this morning and I do not feel comfortable leaving that out of my sight as I would have to leave it in the office while I work outside today. There are not employee lockers, nothing. It is all outside work. Not even indoor toilets. As well, I found out that the director/person who hired me lied to me. He advertised the job also on a Polish website. (Which cracks me up – because he knows no British person will do the job. Must resort to immigrants) He advertised the pay much higher + said the pay would go up after training. WHAT? Yes… this again. This would be my second job where they have changed the rate of pay down when I have been offered the job. And I was not told pay would ever raise after training, the only thing said to me about raises is on the contract. Pay will raise after 5 years of working at the company. 5 years.. LOL. So, I’m pretty pissed. Not sure what I should do really. I wish the offer letter and contract would have came sooner so I could have read and made a decision. Oh and the place where I sign on the contract says I have read the employee handbook which is not supplied. It is located in the office.. so I would have to sign before even reading it. I’m just…. I really hope this other job hires me. I also found out from a couple different people that the BS with the lady who threatened to sue me and made me come back to work was illegal. I just want a fair paying job offered to everyone at the SAME pay without trying to pull one over on me.

Anyway… that’s my rants for now. My new post will be more positive.