Where’s the Ogre?


Answer:  Who cares!

The ogre packed a bag yesterday morning and left. We just figured he was going golfing for the day as he always packs a big bag of clothes to shower after the game. But nope, last night DH and I had a door slamming free sleep!!  It’s the next day in the afternoon and he still isn’t home! Could he be gone for a few days?

While getting some frozen meat out of the freezer this morning I noticed that the ogre had put a tupperware container of the rancid tomato soup in there. First, it boggles me that the man just lets the soup sit out on the stove for a week rotting away then puts it in the freezer to try to preserve it. I really don’t see what the point is.  He’s left soup in a crock pot on the counter for three weeks and has eaten it.  Why freeze it now to keep it from going bad?  I’m not sure how to phrase that question, because the soup is already bad…

So I hope he’s frozen the soup because he will be gone a couple of days? I wish he would be gone for the weekend. A girl can dream.  But then of course the old man didn’t tell us he was leaving at all, so we don’t know when he’ll be back. It’s hard to get comfortable and relax when *IT* could show back up any minute. 

Rotting Soup


I am on a roll today it seems with posts. But I feel like I have a lot to vent about this week…

The good news is that DH’s friend is letting us stay at his flat this weekend while he is away, so it will be like a mini vacation away from the door slams and grumbling!! 🙂

Last night DH and I got takeaway, which let’s face it, really isn’t in the budget. But we just couldn’t face cooking in the kitchen with the ogre stomping around.  The ogre did make food last night! The entire downstairs smelled of burnt garlic that I’m surprised the fire alarm did not go off. That’s right he cooked in the kitchen, which generally means on the rare occasions that he does cook he made soup. When the ogre does cook his meal is already rotten. The man is notorious for buying hundreds of pounds of groceries and just letting them rot in the fridge or on the counter. The items will rot and the next week he will buy more. They will rot again. When he makes soup – which is generally tomato, a beef stew or a chicken stew the ingredients will already be bad. He will let the beef or chicken sit in the fridge for weeks and it will already be past the eat by date and the plastic package will be puffed out as if there is a lot of gas built up inside. The meat will look slimy and brown. He will take the meat/chicken out of the fridge in it’s already rotted state and let it sit on the counter in it’s package for about 2-3 days before putting it in a crockpot to cook it.

Do you know what rotting meat stewing smells like? It’s F-ing rancid. It stinks up the entire house. It literally stinks so bad I cannot go into the kitchen no matter how hungry I am. That’s bad enough right? WRONG. Although he made this soup – usually he’ll make two giant pots of it at once – he still likes to eat most of his meals out. He will not put these pots of soup in the fridge!  For two to three weeks these already rotting soups will sit out in the heat on the counter and continue to rot away.  The smell does not get any better.

Last night he made tomato soup – from tomatoes that had been on the counter rotting away for at least a month. I mean almost liquefied and covered in mold! Don’t forget the cream in the soup! That’s always delicious sitting out and rotting in the heat. This morning while lying in bed I smelled the familiar smell of stewing meat… the stench from these soups were bad enough in the winter and spring… but now that it is around 25 degrees out I can’t even imagine…

I just can’t even fathom how he can think this is safe.  So there you go… only about two days of smelling the rotting meat before DH and I can head off over to his friend’s flat.