Just Waiting…


I am patiently waiting for DH to get off work so we can go over to his friend’s flat for the day.  It works out well, friend lets us use his flat once in while (as he knows the situation here) and in return I clean his place/vacuum/do laundry/dishes and cook him meals once in awhile.  

The rotten smell of the spoiling soup in the kitchen downstairs is pretty much overwhelming our bedroom. Two pots of soup – one meat based and the other cream have sat on the stove for about a week now unrefrigerated. And yes, the ogre is slowly eating the soup. We are waiting for him to cook the big ham hock he got from the store last week for himself.  He let that sit out about three days in the sweltering heat before putting it in the fridge.  When he does that it always smells rank.

As I was using the bathroom today, which as usual I had to hold my pee forever because the ogre was back and forth to the bathroom for literally hours as he does. Anyway, after I washed my hands it occurred to me after nearly three years that this bathroom does not have any hand towels or towels in which to dry your hands on. Then I thought, oh, that is because the ogre does not wash his hands. You don’t think about needing things like towels in the bathroom if you don’t wash your hands. DUH!

I’m not sure today’s post is really about his PA -ness, but really about how gross things are here. 

When I used the bathroom it was the same old. Toilet seat up with shit splattered all over the bottom of the seat then when you set that down there is additional shit on the back of the toilet seat. I usually clean it up, but somedays I’m just tired of the shit, literally. I hover. I’m getting good at hovering. As you are peeing you glance over at the tub which that too is full of shit chunks. And you know there had to be more because the force of the water going down the drain probably took most of it with it. The bathtub unfortunately I have to clean everyday, I can’t shower in there standing in shit. And it’s not like the man is disabled or needs help, he’s fully functional, just disgustingly lazy and has bad hygiene. So every day I have to clean pieces of shit out of the bathtub to the man who treats me subhuman. It really does burn me. But usually after the 30 minute shower I get over it.  30 minute shower huh? Sounds luxurious… well maybe if the shower actually worked. It is broken and dribbles out water, it actually takes me around 10 minutes to get my short hair completely wet so I can shampoo it.  But the ogre won’t fix it, it’s been broken apparently over three years now. 

Well, I need to go work on my job portfolio stuff, I pray that someone soon will give me a job or at least answer my emails about volunteering places for job experience in this country so DH and I can move out of here one day.