Rotting Apple


It’s almost 2:30pm and I’m sitting up in the room eating a decaying apple.  This is my life.  DH and I keep our groceries upstairs in his bedroom because we can’t keep them downstairs in cupboards or fridges like normal human beings.  I should probably explain.

FIL I swear has some sort of eating problem/disorder.  He doesn’t cook so he either eats out, buys pre-made sandwiches while he is out or orders in takeaway.  He will at times boil a ham or make soup (which is a disgusting story in itself) to eat.  The rest of the time he eats random shit and when he eats this shit he won’t put it on a plate like a normal human being and eat it.  DH has caught him hunched over the fridge with a spoon eating out of jars and cans while quickly stuffing it in his mouth.  It’s like he is trying to hide it.  The things he loves eating for “meals” are entire jars of jam, pots of hummus, rice pudding, sugary yogurts, entire pies etc.

As an aside, the man is like 400 lbs and has to be tested monthly because he is like a .01 away from being diabetic. But he continues to eat nothing but sugary stuff, drink 2-3+ bottles of wine a day thinking that it won’t hurt him.  Part of the diabetes thing is due to his weight, he won’t exercise or cut down on food, but rather take diet pills. (which cause more disgusting issues)

So you think, well what do you care what he eats? Let him eat himself into a grave? Well, the thing is he eats our shit too!  Instead of eating an entire jar or jam he will eat 90% of it (usually within the first day or two of us purchasing) and just leave it, he won’t finish it.  As if we won’t notice it’s mysteriously lost 90% of it’s contents!! The gross thing is, he eats our stuff with a spoon, which means he is double dipping! YUCK!  We’ve made it clear to him that the stuff in the second fridge is ours, please don’t eat it. (This was after us having to throw out tons of half eaten food that he’s stolen from us) We’ve gone to hiding things and in the winter keeping food out on our windowsill to keep cold.  He still steals food!   So anything that needs to be refrigerated we really don’t buy any more except actimel. (which I need for my ulcerative colitis, so I just have to deal with him stealing some) Everything has to be kept upstairs in our bedroom.  Now that it is summer there is no keeping food outside so the only food we keep upstairs are cans etc.

So now it is 2:30 and I’ve been up since 6:00am wanting to have breakfast. But I don’t leave my room when he’s here. I am afraid he will do something.  I never want to be in a position where it’s his word vs mine because he is so delightfully charming to others and has them fooled to where I’m afraid no one would believe me!  So, I found this old rotting apple and am eating it.