Further car woes and what is going on in the bathroom?


DH asked me yesterday, “Did you use my towel?” It’s times like this where you can only shake your head. I went out and quickly felt DH’s towel… DH had come home from work in the afternoon and the ogre had just bathed and left recently. You know, the man who doesn’t use soap, toilet paper and leaves shit chunks in the bath? Well he used DH’s towel, it was almost soaked. No matter the man has his own towel he keeps on the radiator in the bathroom. I swear..

More drama with the car company. We were suppose to get the car on Monday at 4. That was the time we were told, then DH was asked if he is going to get the car at the time and pay the full amount. DH says no, we put a down payment and we were told we can finance for 12 months. The piece of paper said how much our payment was per month – 159. Well, they thought we were coming in to pay cash. All these time and they didn’t set it up to get financing approved. So we told them we were supposed to have financing, they asked around with loan companies and got a quick answer (which is funny for another reason) and it was not what we were wanting to hear – So when we found this out yesterday at about 3 we had to race down to the bank to see about a loan. Oh yeah, we found out DH’s bank closes at 3:30 everyday. These are not just holiday hours. And two things – we get in the courtesy car to go and the display screen says: “Fuel too low”. Remember how I just had a rant about DH doing this? I realise he was going to return that car today but he could have put more fuel into the tank. All I could think of was us damaging the courtesy car by blowing the engine or something due to no fuel. That steamed me up. Then it began downpouring, so we had to walk to the bank and cross the street which everyone (at least while we were waiting for the cross walk light to blink green) zoomed by spraying us with muddy water. By the time we got to the bank the door was locked but still people inside. What a day.

Today we will be racing back to the bank when DH gets off work. I should have been ready already but I am not. I haven’t been able to access the bathroom today. Why? Well all I know is I hear the voice of the workman that the ogre hires from time to time. You know, the slow as treacle or molasses one? The one who took a month to hang new doors on existing cabinet frames? That guy. The same guy who takes two week extra on every job he does here. Well, he’s been in the bathroom for the last hour banging and hammering. I have no idea. I just know we are probably f-d on using the bathroom for the next couple days. Glad someone told us… oh WAIT no one did… like always. ¬†What’s this? The ogre is going away for two days? Good time to have yet more repairs that won’t inconvenience him, only us.