Inquiring Minds Want to Know…


DH comes home for lunch and so we decide to use the oven as fix it man is not working this weekend. We take out the marinaded chicken and begin looking for the baking sheet we always use to cook in the oven with.  Last time we saw it the ogre threw it outside.  Because thats where baking sheets belong…. I guess… ?

It is not on the table outside. Guess where it is? In the sink? No. Washed and put away? Guess again! I open the fridge and I shit you not… there is the baking sheet tossed on the lowest shelf halfway hidden. Why? I pull it out and it has burnt residue on it and has about a quarter of an inch of grease now congealed resting on it. Why would someone hide a dirty greasy empty baking sheet in the fridge? 

Anyway, I see the ogre has taken our clothes off the line in the back and has mowed the back lawn, however it doesn’t look like he is mowing the front lawn tonight.  So wouldn’t it have been easier to mow the front lawn tonight and leave the back lawn unmowed until tomorrow? No no… he’s got to take our probably still damp clothes off the line. I’ve not gone downstairs yet, but I’m waiting to see them wet and thrown on the dirty ass floor again like he likes to do. So, I can hang those back on the line again. It’s small things like this that really piss me off. Last time he pulled our clothes off the line he claimed he was doing us a favor and that he “thought they were dry” never mind I hung them outside only 30 minutes previous. Some of the clothes I had to hand wash in the sink and wring out by hand so they were actually dripping still! I could totally see how someone could think clothes that are dripping water are dry. My mistake!