Stop the Presses!


Someone call the press! Notify the BBC! Call CNN! We might need to get this momentous event in print!  I could have included this in my last entry, but by god I think it warranted it’s own post.  I thought my FIL might actually make it to a full year of not saying one word to me.  (August 17th last year was the last day) But, by god he said something to me last night!

The old man ordered curry again last night from a take away place. I should say I didn’t actually see the curry, but I can assume that’s what he had based on two different observations.  First, before the delivery person came FIL although two rooms away from the front door he left both doors open so he could hear the delivery boy ring the door bell this time. (Unlike he usually does ) So perhaps that was the place he pissed off last time and they told him he better answer the door this time or they will never deliver? Well, one can dream.  Second, when I got up this morning the sink is full to the top with nasty orange greasy curry water. Sweet. So, I’d say the ogre had curry last night.

So I’m in the kitchen making DH and I dinner and the old man comes in and stands behind me.  He does this from time to time and generally says nothing.  It really makes me uncomfortable.  I can just feel the hairs on the back of my neck raise.  Usually he’ll knock his way past me, or “accidentally” bump into me to get whatever he wants if I’m in the way.  He will never say “excuse me”.  Well, he mumbled something about getting a plate and I just ignored it as he often talks to himself and tells himself out loud what he is doing.  I then hear a voice that says “excuse me”.  I almost jumped out of my skin, in fact I was so shocked I jumped out of his way, probably a good three feet.  Could he have really said something to me?  Some may say, well maybe he’ll be nice now!  Doubtful, I don’t expect it to be a regular thing nor do I see this as a turning point of him stopping being a jerk. The whole thing shocked me so much that I my stomach felt utterly queasy afterwards and my legs felt weak.

Anyway, I see FIL bought a new phone yesterday.  Not that he used his old phone.  Who would call him? Maybe he got the new phone so that the finger puppet could have his old one and they can have chats?  I do not kid, the man rarely takes it with him and every time DH has tried calling his phone in the past the man has had it turned off.  Great logic when you had an ill wife prone to having falls that result in ER trips.  In fact when MIL died, DH couldn’t even call FIL to tell him!  They had to send someone out to the golf club to tell him!