I’m back!


I took a short break from writing as DH had ten days of holiday!  What can I say… it was awesome! We didn’t have money to spend going off to some fancy place so we did fun things closer to home… and yes we spent some money that we shouldn’t have. Ick.

A friend was leaving the country for a few days and let us use his flat for a few days while he was away.  So we spent three of those ten days away from the ogre! No door slamming, no huffing, no puffing, etc.  The day that we were going over to the friends house we decided it would be best to get up and go over about 6:30am. It sounds a bit nuts, but we didn’t want to draw suspicion with the ogre. As far as he knew he would just be hearing the same sounds he does every morning that DH goes to work.  We even coordinated car door shutting so it didn’t sound like we had every door open and loading it up with stuff.

It might sound over the top, but every time we go somewhere the ogre always has to ask where we are going or doing. It gets old. The man withholds info from us, so why do we have to be forced to tell him our business?  Then there is the fact the man likes to peer out the window at us whenever we come or go. So, we left early for a ten minute drive down the road.

So we had a fun time, but after those three days were up we had to come home. We were greeted with the smell of rotting soup. Back to the kitchen still under repairs (3.5 weeks now) and the ogre slamming doors. It really got DH down. He said he felt the rest of his holiday was pointless, we couldn’t be in the same room together downstairs and couldn’t use the kitchen reliably to cook food. Our options for spending time together was sitting up in the room and reading books together or napping. (We don’t own a tv/no room for a table to play games on etc) So we went out as much as possible. We still had to deal with the same everyday stuff but at least DH and I got to spend a little time together, the first in probably six months.