Recycling Drama


I’ve not posted in awhile.  In my attempts to focus on myself I returned back to the gym last week. The next morning I bent over (and yes in my usual terrified frenzy when I am downstairs) threw my back out.  Then I came down from the cold from hell. I spent the last week in bed mostly unable to move and laying on an ice pack.  

But to continue from a previous entry – where DH and I are no longer allowed to use the heat from the radiator to dry our clothes… We think we know what might have triggered that tirade.  Back in May the bin (garbage) men put a pamphlet on the bins letting people know that there were changes to recycling starting in July. DH and I read over the changes after the ogre brought in the pamphlet and set it down on the kitchen counter, where it has existed ever since.  It listed a long list of what is acceptable in each bin and the changes coming up. The changes were that cardboard was now to be put in the brown bin (usually glass and plastic in this one) instead of the green bin.

So, in July DH and I complied and put the card in the brown bin.  But each time we would do that the ogre would take out all the card and egg cartons and throw it in the black bin (all waste that is not recyclable). It really confused us… because if he didn’t read the pamphlet then you’d think he’d just put it in the green bin where it was going previous to the changes, but no, the black bin. I’m not sure if this was some sort of silent rebellion or what. 

The ogre does not have a good track record with the bins or the environment.  I have seen him pour out around thirty bottles of chemicals inappropriately with the excuse “worse things have happened at sea!” Before you ask, the man never worked for BP surprisingly nor was he driving the Exxon Valdez. 



He has times where he won’t use the recyclable free bin liners for food waste that the council supplies. He instead will use Tesco carrier bags that won’t break down in the next couple thousand years. Apparently he has been fined by the bin men before for putting inappropriate things in the bin. Now he delights in his cleverness by still putting inappropriate things in the bin but covered up by grass clippings and leaves.  

Anyway, the cardboard issue has been going on since July.  Lately the ogre has been leaving the recycling pamphlet open and in the middle of the counter. We thought at first maybe he read it, but no. He was still taking card of out of the brown bin and putting it in the black. DH and I would move the pamphlet out of the way, but later he would put it right back in the same spot as to say something.  What he was trying to say we don’t know.  Was he trying to give us a hint to stop putting the card in the correct bin? How could we know? He doesn’t communicate like a normal human being.  There was about three weeks of this pamphlet being out on the counter – DH and I just gave up and left it where it was and made food around it.  But we had the feeling that at some point the ogre was going to have a talk with DH (talk-haha. No, more like him telling DH that DH is an idiot and he better do what the ogre wants right now!) about this recycling crap.

Well, the day before the ogre told us that we cannot use the radiators this winter we noticed something funny. The card that the ogre put in the black bin had been moved back to the brown bin. The ogre must have finally read the list of acceptable items for what bin! It was probably around the time he was perusing the list so that he could find where it said card was not allowed in the brown bin so he could smugly correct DH all the while pointing to the pamphlet. Well, it didn’t happen. Instead, the ogre found out that he has been an idiot for the last three months.  We assume he had felt let down by the fact he could not show up DH and gotten in such a foul mood over it that he decided to have the usual tantrum and punish us in his own shitty way. 



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