Poop place


I called the poop place. I told them about the job ad with the differing pay. At first they claimed they never posted it. Then said they would call me back. Then they claimed that they must have posted the ad and I quote “8 or 9 years ago.” Then said they would only pay me the minimum wage. I was asked if I want the job or not. I said that I have not had time to have the contract looked over by another and no thank you. (There were also errors in the contract as well anyway – like the quit notice times – one page says one week then later in says two weeks in writing etc.)


Sad thing is – No one would have paid that much for the job 8 or 9 years ago.

And…. the website which it was published on – which is a club for a certain immigrant in a nearby town- the club wasn’t founded until the end of 2009 it says. I’m sure they didn’t get their website up immediately either, so the guy was lying. Pathetic. 

Ah well, dealing with fecal matter all day which no protective gear supplied probably not a good thing anyway. I’ll find something else.

Update – Escaped, Mom is still nuts, new job not so honest


It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged. I really haven’t been feeling like it, as the blog served as an outlet for my feelings a place to rant etc and things have been moderately good. Well, DH and I moved out and got the ogre to sign a paper that I had lived there during my last visa. After he signed it he left and we loaded the last of the stuff into the car and left for good. We did not say a word. DH still has the keys. I said I would mail them sign on delivery but I don’t know what’s going on with that. We’ve not heard from the ogre and it’s been over two weeks so he knows we’ve gone. Likely he’s changed the locks anyway. 

The new place is OK, like I told DH it will take weeks/months to get it in shape… what kind of shape I don’t know. I have not been going at it like I was previously but have estimated I have put in over 200 hours trying to fix up and clean this place so far from the month before moving in till present. The back yard looks like the city dump and our fence just collapsed the other day into the neighbors yard. DH and I have taken about three trips to the dump so far with matresses/garden debri etc that were thrown out there. I hope to get it cleaned up by July. 

One of my roommates has his shit in both the living room and dining room and fills both rooms. I cleaned up weeks ago and it helped but he grouched and told me not to touch his stuff again so now I have left it and it is back to being terribad again. I’m going to start poking him though about it, it is a bit ridiculous. I like working out in the garden though… it’s nice to be outside and I have claimed it for my own. I don’t have to wait for someone to clean it because I will do it all myself. (Well except for the broken washer set outside…) 

I have been feeling better now that I am not constantly terrified and my heart isn’t racing all day with door slams. I have however experienced three times of seeing someone’s shit sitting in the toilet. Last night someone shit didn’t even try to flush it and put the lid down. So DH is going to ask the roommates about it – whether they don’t want to flush the toilet past a certain hour or what. 

I got an email from my bro the other day, which I never do. I guess my mom’s lawyer is mailing me (supposedly) something to sign asking if I will come to the states for a competency hearing.  I could fill another blog with all the abuse from my mom. I went NC 17 years ago. But apparently she committed arson (No big surprise with her, she’s done worse) and they are looking to put her in a care home for crazy old people. So that instantly stressed me out. Also I had to give my address to my bro to pass along for the paperwork which may get to my sister who is crazy, stalky and abusive as well. She likes to appear on your doorstep out of the blue. Thankfully where I live it is harder but still… the stress of the unknown. I’ve had to end friendships with long time friends just she wouldn’t get info on me. She’d bug them, act nicey nice then they would give her details and addresses like idiots. Anyway…

The poop place I was suppose to start at today. They actually waited until Friday to mail me my offer letter and contract. I got it on Saturday. It said to just sign it since it was sent so late and to fill out medical forms and they will figure out if they can employ me. Wha? During the two weeks waiting on this DH started his new job and has picked up an extra responsibility in the morning now. He could drop it if need be with some notice but the contract coming so late made it impossible for me to give DH notice to give notice so he’d have the early morning free again so he could take me to work. I would also have to bring my passport, BMR to do paperwork this morning and I do not feel comfortable leaving that out of my sight as I would have to leave it in the office while I work outside today. There are not employee lockers, nothing. It is all outside work. Not even indoor toilets. As well, I found out that the director/person who hired me lied to me. He advertised the job also on a Polish website. (Which cracks me up – because he knows no British person will do the job. Must resort to immigrants) He advertised the pay much higher + said the pay would go up after training. WHAT? Yes… this again. This would be my second job where they have changed the rate of pay down when I have been offered the job. And I was not told pay would ever raise after training, the only thing said to me about raises is on the contract. Pay will raise after 5 years of working at the company. 5 years.. LOL. So, I’m pretty pissed. Not sure what I should do really. I wish the offer letter and contract would have came sooner so I could have read and made a decision. Oh and the place where I sign on the contract says I have read the employee handbook which is not supplied. It is located in the office.. so I would have to sign before even reading it. I’m just…. I really hope this other job hires me. I also found out from a couple different people that the BS with the lady who threatened to sue me and made me come back to work was illegal. I just want a fair paying job offered to everyone at the SAME pay without trying to pull one over on me.

Anyway… that’s my rants for now. My new post will be more positive.

The strange man at the furniture store


I thought I would write briefly about this strange man I met at a well known furniture/full housing item store recently.  I was getting some items for the new place – toilet scrubber etc and was browsing the discount aisle. Everything here is usually in good shape but discounted because of it being a show item, fell out of the wrapper etc. Anyway I saw a bed I was admiring upstairs and in the size that would be perfect for 50% off. Buying it would make things tight but passing up the deal would be stupid as we kind of need a bed…


I was standing by the bed while DH was off asking CS about delivery options. A store employee walked up to me and asked if I needed help. I asked about delivery area, pricing etc. He answered the questions then started asking me about myself. If you are an expat you are used to this. People will say hi, comment that you are not from around here then bombard you with about 10 questions then walk off. (Some of the questions are really invasive to me anyway – do you have kids? *looks at you like a monster when you say no* then demands to know why not) Forgot trying to engage them in conversation, they just want to know all your details and then they are done with you.

So the guy starts asking me where I’m from and I groan inwardly. I tell him then he asks where I live. I tell him the town. He tells me he went to university there. I ask what he studied, he ignores the question completely. Then he gets this god awful look on his face – menacing and almost wants to get into a fight look. He asks me “Did you come with that guy?” I turn around and see some guy standing there. I tell him no, I’ve never seen that guy before. The man’s face instantly relaxes and he asks the guy what he wants. After serving the guy he comes back and keeps asking questions. He then tells me as he just discounted an item for the guy that he could probably lower the price. I said thanks that would be nice. He tells me to get a trolly for the bed so I walk towards the area to get it and the man stays back kind of after walking me half way there. DH has returned to our cart at the end of the aisle and I must pass by him to get the trolly. DH follows me and the guy gives the same death glare. I get the trolly and bring it back. The man has discounted the item by almost 100 pounds. DH comes up and helps load it on the trolly and the guy still gives him the death glare then acts very cold towards me. Whatever.

So we go to the checkout and get plastic and arrange for delivery. The man came over to the CS area to glare at DH once again. Very creepy. I mention this guy because quite frankly I’m sure he was trying to chat me up. Which is fine, it happens, but he was asking a lot of questions and when I ask in return he ignores them. (red alert) Also the look on his face when the other customer came up looking for help – it was angry and the fact his face went back to “normal” immediately when I said I didn’t know the guy. (red alert) The guy however never asked if I was in a relationship or married etc. The fact he followed DH to CS and glared at him (red alert).

This guy made me think that if he had a girlfriend he probably never allowed her to talk to anyone, leave his sight/house and could possibly inflict physical violence towards her. I was half expecting the mattress to be pissed on when I got it.

Quite frankly, the man made my skin crawl. Someone out there is going to be abused by this man.


Two more loads


Well, about two more loads of stuff (Where we’ll put it who knows) and we’ll be out of here. Usually I go over to the new place in the morning but today I am staying here. The ogre mentioned something on his calendar about the boiler and it being a five hour window for something. A repairman maybe? The boiler isn’t acting up though. Regardless he is here. I stayed because I don’t want him coming into the room nor the excuse again that a repairman needs in here (when he really doesn’t). Either way if there is repairs we were not told anything about it, as usual. 

We’ve not said anything to the ogre and won’t until we leave unless he finds out sooner and then he will tell us that if we have money to move out then we have money to give him. We barely have enough to move and no clue if enough to actually eat for the next month, but we’ll figure it out! So we definitely do not have money to give him to stay in the loop of being unable to leave. I read the visa requirements that are needed at the end of the year for me. One of them states that if you have lived with friends/family during any part of my two years on the visa that I must have a note written and signed by that person confirming it. So who knows if the ogre will. DH has a statement typed out and will print out later for the ogre to sign. Who knows if he will. If he does not I’m not sure what we will do when we apply for the visa. He may outright refuse. This may be visa sabotage attempt number seven… sad it even got to one let alone would be up to seven. How do you explain to the people deciding if I can stay with my husband that the ogre has a personality disorder, is sick, malicious and abusive? So, I hope he just signs the damn thing so we can continue to get on with our lives ogre/abuse free.


Anyway, about 4.5 hours and I can eat breakfast. Been waiting 4 so far. It will be so nice when I can actually eat, go to the toilet, bathe etc when I need to. So even though the other place is a junk pit hell hole at least with a little work it will be decent and I can live my life again. 


New Place progress


As I was clicking “new post” just a moment ago I got a phone call. One of the places I applied for (the faeces place) and interviewed for said that they wanted me for the job. It doesn’t start for about two weeks, but at least it’s something. Although their ad said in all caps “great rates of pay!” and it ended up being 5p over minimum wage. I laugh. After the last job where they changed the rate of pay on me I wonder if someone else would have gotten better pay? Ah well, at least it is something to tide me over for about six months then I will need to find another job. It also allows me to have weekends off I believe, is on the way to DH’s job so I can get dropped off and if there is no overtime I have evenings free. So, all in all it is gross work but works out ok for the meantime. It is amazingly hard in my area to find full time work that is unskilled.  In the meantime I will work on learning some other skills that may help me next year with a better job.

Anyway, things are going OK at the new place – getting it ready. I got most of the room finished. I am tidying up the house a bit but stopped, the pigsty room mate told me to stop moving his things and was going to meet us last weekend to go through things but something happened and he could not – then DH had a 24 hour virus that left him with a fever and he could hardly walk. I’m a bit frustrated that the room mate can’t go through his shit without us being present. We basically have to keep bags of kitchen things, bathroom and extra furniture in our room (will not be able to have room to even put the computer) and suitcases (basically the whole room filled with crap sitting on the floor) until our room mate clears out his stuff.  It is really disappointing and frustrating. There is a garage storage unit for the place and it has been full according to them for years with previous tenants stuff but they cannot find the key that or someone has taken over it. Regardless it’s somewhere for us to store stuff. Why they haven’t moved the other stuff out and their stuff in there before they lost the key boggles me. I guess I wanted them to be able to sort out their crap so we could actually move in without issue. >.> I am probably not describing this well, basically there really isn’t walking room in this house. I need them to sort this out…

Speaking of one of the roommates he seems grumpy. No thank you for working on redoing the bathroom (which lets be frank, DH and I have little money to be putting into paint, caulk, plaster repair stuff) just stop cleaning and moving his things. (Which moving his things means putting stuff together – putting books back on a shelf and putting odds and ends thrown everywhere in a box for him to sort through, etc. I really hope I don’t have to lock horns with this guy. I don’t want to go from one miserable situation to the next.






New place


This post isn’t so much about the ogre, but more about our move. I have been spending the last four or so days at the new place trying to clean and fix things up. It is a bit tiring. The house is occupied by two men who haven’t cleaned this place in years. Probably at least 4 or 5. It’s a hoarder den. It took me 3 hours to clean a 4×4 bathroom the other day and I’m still only halfway done. I clean stuff while paint is drying on the walls. I am painting and repairing plaster and clearing furniture out of the bedroom. I spent five hours yesterday cleaning out the living room which is about 7×9 – that is only halfway done. 

I’m a bit frustrated. It is such a bizarre house and filthy. Whoever built it way back when built all the rooms very tiny and odd shaped. The main bathroom upstairs with a shower is about 4×4 at the max. There are no towel racks, mirrors, no places to put shampoo and such. Very strange.The kitchen is also about 3-4 feet wide. So far while cleaning the living room I found rocks on the floor. I picked them up and found that there were holes that go down to the dirt. The rocks are covering them. Things in the house that were patched or fixed look much like a five year old did it. There are paintings on the walls that were actually painted around – You move the painting and it is a different color behind it. The bed that was left in our soon to be room had slats under the mattress. But the slats were not screwed or nailed on. They were attached by mail packing tape – not even duct tape. 

So there is a lot of work to be done cleaning and sorting these guys things along with getting the room ready and trying to move stealthy. Tomorrow I will paint more and hopefully the hardware place will be open so more paint can be bought – about running out of paint. I got some moisture paint in a buy 2 get one free deal so I can kill the mold all over the bathroom and then paint it. DH and I found a charity shop that sells furniture so we got a few pieces and that will be delivered cheaply later this week. All in all things are looking up. It’s a lot of work to be done, but at least it will be a place to call home. In a few months I will try to get things fixed – like boiler, oven, lights and try to build some shelves and such for our things. Maybe keeping busy will be good, it will help me forget about here.

And with any luck I will get a call back and interview (last week they said interviews this week) about a job kind of nearby. It is a gross job dealing with… lol feces… but it may pay well and is steady work for at least six months, good hours and I may have weekends and evenings off. So pros/cons. Ugh… it’s back home – the ogre… slam slam. Can’t wait to work on the new place again tomorrow. 

Had a crappy easter


Literally. Crappy. I woke up this morning and the ogre was still here. After waiting to see if he would leave I gave up and went to the bathroom. What is in the toilet? Just the usual pieces of shit he leaves in there for us. I thought he had gotten over that as he’s not left shit in there for us in about a month. Our counsellor says it’s his way of marking his territory. I think it’s the only way he can reliably punish us – I mean everyone has to use the bathroom sometime right? There is no avoiding it. We will see his shit in the toilet.

So I flush it and go. Before the ogre heads out he goes into the bathroom again and is in there maybe 2-3 minutes (bathroom is next to our bedroom) and I don’t hear really any sounds – no handwashing etc. He leaves. I go into the bathroom later and what do I find? He’s taken another shit and closed the toilet lid. I go downstairs, the door to the other bathroom is left ajar – that toilet is full of shit too. WTF. 

DH came home and needed to use the bathroom – what else could he do but flush it. And sadly flushing it lets him know we’ve seen it and dealt with it. Likely he gets his jollys off over it. This man is just nuts.