To delete or not to delete

I can’t really go into details but the guardian ad litem for my mother’s case has unknowingly supplied information that someone who has been bothering me since 2002 can easily obtain. Not really sure what to do with my blog anymore. I’ve deleted most of my accounts in other places (support forums etc) but my posts are not erased and most things remain cached. What was anonymously posting about my life of abuse can now be readable by this person.  I have kept quiet for a very long time and it was probably stupid to begin talking about this where privacy doesn’t exist even anoymously. Deleting this will likely keep it cached as well and I don’t want to delete it. Not sure what to do really. 

2 thoughts on “To delete or not to delete

  1. Is there any connection between the real you and this blog? If so, disconnect – create a new email address, make that addressee an admin on the blog, delete the real “you.” It will take some time, but it can be done. Don’t shut the blog down because you fear a stalker – get smart and thumb your nose at them, even if it’s only anonymously 🙂

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