Maggots…good gravy.

I’ll start the post with some irksomeness. I mean after all this is my dedicated place to rant, right?  As I was making DH dinner last night I thought I’d sweep the floors. It was only a few days ago I did it, but the floors get nasty fast in here. As I am sweeping I see something on the floor. I bend down… and it’s wiggling. Yes, a f-ing maggot. I kid you not. I thought maybe this is why there has been a strange death stank in the house. Maybe something crawled under the house and died? So I sweep it up and go to toss it outside. And I pass by the bins which slob roommate has put out in the backyard now instead of just keeping them in the front yard. I open the bin. God, why did I even do that. Maggots everywhere inside! All over the top of the lid inside. As I type this my head feels like something is crawling on my scalp. The same reaction I get when I hear someone has head lice…. 0_0

This is the general garbage bin. We have a separate food waste bin in the kitchen but slobmate has been having people over and they keep putting their food waste in the regular bin along with their recyclables. So, since slobmate moved the bins to the back porch randomly I had to drag the bin through the house and out to the front. Maggots falling everywhere. That’s what I did yesterday. Swept maggots. And they will only get bigger as the bin will sit there till Monday. In the bin on the top is a cardboard box. Which again should go in the recyclable bin. So someone put that box in the bin, saw the maggots and said NOTHING about it and probably shut the bin and got tiny maggots knocked onto them and carried them into the house. EWWW! 

So that made me a bit irritated yesterday. The mystery stink is still upstairs.  I threw thick bleach on the toilet grout in there last night and left it. Someone has pissed on the floor in there in the past and I’m tired of the piss stank. That however isn’t the horri-bad stank we’ve been smelling. So, who knows. 

In other annoying news, the trio of bitches who made DH and I’s life miserable in an online community we were active in have noticed our disappearance – because quite frankly I’m at my limit for dealing with people with mental illnesses that get their jollies off on causing you misery. Well he told me last night the three of them have sent him skype invites. I have had them blocked for some time so I won’t have to hear from them. That just brought up bad memories and made me crabby last night. 

Talky roommate came down and tried to bait me I think and get me further worked up. I swear. Thankfully he is at work today. I can make dinner and go back upstairs before he comes home and goes to bed.

In better news I got a call today about a cleaning job. The hours are alright, the pay well… better then nothing. The company is fairly big so hopefully they won’t dick me on stuff. The agency that called me today was one I had a run around with several months ago. So I’m not going to get too excited right now. I’ll wait and see what happens and if they decide to hire me. DH has been putting in extra hours at work so that when he gets paid the check will be decent. 

I’ve been working on the garden here. I have nothing planted because well, no money for that right now. But I figure until then I can get the place cleaned up, weeded and fix things. First things first. DH and I take loads of junk and debri to the dump each weekend. The yard is slowly looking like a normal yard. 🙂 I will post before and after pictures once we have plants in.

I was looking again for volunteer opportunities and found one…but wasn’t what I thought it was. I really want to help people in domestic violence/abuse. The opportunity was to help the offender. No, I want to help the victim. Simply hanging out with an offender and talking with them is not going to do much good. I know some may think I’m heartless. But the reasons they inflict abuse on someone cannot be solved by befriending them. So, I will look elsewhere. Once everything is settled with our lease I will go to the council and see about getting some loan equipment for picking up trash. The town I live in is kinda trashy in parts and I’m tired of looking at it. As long as they will collect the bags and loan me gear I’m happy to go nuts for a few hours a week and pick it up. It really is an eyesore and brings the whole place down a notch.

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