As a sad but humorous addition to the last post about the poop place – I recently visited a Polish deli in town and saw that an employment agency was advertising the same job at poop place for 6.19 which is less than minimum wage. I checked the employment agency website for the job and there is absolutely no sign of it on there. Of course not because it’s illegal! DH said he wants to put on a fake Polish accent and ask them about the job then when they say it only pays the 6.19 to tell them they are scum in his regular accent. I can’t blame him, I think about it myself. 

Things here are pretty Ok. There has been more drama with my family and my mom but I’m not going to post about that because quite frankly I’m a bit scared to. I don’t want a certain family member finding this. So I will avoid it for now. Regardless now I have to disclose this legal proceeding and something that was done to me on my visa application. I honestly wish I could divorce my family. Being no contact with several members – 17 years and 6 years – you’d think I’d just be left out of all this. Nope.

An immigration bill was passed this month. They are having non EU people that don’t have permanent residency pay a levy for health care now. I would be affected but not sure if I’ll be charged due to already paying for my last visa before this change. So hopefully there will not be a charge, we are pretty broke as it is. I don’t want our counselling sessions interfered with. We have about 11 more days of having little money for food. Oh the joys of moving on low wages and DH starting a job and not getting paid for a month. Next month we should be Ok though. 

Still no word from jobs. I amused myself and applied for a job last week somewhat related to my old career field. They said they’d get back to everyone within three days. Not counting the bank holiday the rejection day should be today. No one would hire me for a 20-30k job here. But might as well give myself a laugh once in awhile. 

The roommates are still … slobby. One only showers about once a week and stinks up the house with pit BO. I’m not sure how to even begin to discuss that. DH and I keep our door shut and light incense. The same one has been trapping me in hour(s) worth of conversations you can’t escape from about everything Anti-American. I like talking about differences in countries and politics but if I mention anything that the British are doing that is wrong or annoying I get cut off and talked over about America this and that. It’s annoying. I avoid this person now to the best of my ability. They work long hours so it isn’t too hard. That’s just part of the annoyances. This person also questions everything you are doing. I may have mentioned this previously, I can’t remember. Are you painting something? Why are you doing it like that? Making lemonaide? Why are you using still/tap water instead of fizzy? Why… why…? For… everything. 

Second roommate has been having his girlfriend over which he has confessed to having some sort of mental illness and she is on several types of meds for it. So who knows how severe it is. This guy cooks to try to impress her I guess, then invites others over and then leaves the kitchen a wreck. Sink full of dishes. Guess who is getting to wash most rounds of these? Me to the greater extent, DH a little, roommate very little. One day I washed all his dishes, went out shopping came home and he had come home and cooked again and the sink was full. I had not even got to cook a meal in between them being clean! This is the hoarder roommate btw. I despair. At least it’s cheap rent right? At least it’s not at the ogre’s house right? Right.

So there are downsides to it all. Right now it’s the mysterious moldy rotten meat smell that appeared last night in the house for no reason. Your guess is as good as mine. 


2 thoughts on “Meh

  1. If you email me your new address ( I can send you something to help with the food shopping… let me know which supermarket you would be using, too. 🙂

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