Poop place

I called the poop place. I told them about the job ad with the differing pay. At first they claimed they never posted it. Then said they would call me back. Then they claimed that they must have posted the ad and I quote “8 or 9 years ago.” Then said they would only pay me the minimum wage. I was asked if I want the job or not. I said that I have not had time to have the contract looked over by another and no thank you. (There were also errors in the contract as well anyway – like the quit notice times – one page says one week then later in says two weeks in writing etc.)


Sad thing is – No one would have paid that much for the job 8 or 9 years ago.

And…. the website which it was published on – which is a club for a certain immigrant in a nearby town- the club wasn’t founded until the end of 2009 it says. I’m sure they didn’t get their website up immediately either, so the guy was lying. Pathetic. 

Ah well, dealing with fecal matter all day which no protective gear supplied probably not a good thing anyway. I’ll find something else.

4 thoughts on “Poop place

  1. So glad you didn’t take this job… but I am dying of curiosity to know what the job actually was. I can’t imagine a job like this, unless it’s something like cleaning out the tanks of chemical toilets or something?

  2. New place is doing alright. Its nice weather this week so working out in the garden and doing some more repairs. Hoping to have the backyard nice by July so we can have friends over for a bbq.

    Tb1: Yeah Im glad I didnt take it either, but on the other hand we do need the money. Sad how people try to take advantage of people who need these kinds of jobs to get by. You are very close, it was cleaning port-a-potties once used.

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