Now that DH and I are moving we are slowly sneaking things out of the house. We have until the end of the month. If the ogre is gone we load up our tiny car and take things over to the new place. We don’t have a key yet so we have to make sure the people are home which makes doing this a bit more hectic. I have so many mixed thoughts. First the place we are moving into is a hoarder situation and looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in years. I know I will need to clean it, which by the state of the house will take weeks. So that’s irksome. On the other hand I’m happy to be out of here.

I would love to just move all our stuff out in one or two days but we cannot. Ogre would see us. As he likes to come in our bedroom I worry he will notice things are disappearing… (Oh, his new trick – come into our bedroom and look around while I am in the bathroom taking a bath. Nice huh?) I also feel a bit dispair because DH has so much crap in here (granted he’s thinned it out over the years, but still) that we have no place to put it in the new place. A lot of it is books and we have no book shelf there. And no we cannot take any of the furniture from this room. It apparently belongs to the ogre. So no bed, no dressers, no desk or chair, nothing. I have been checking freecycle and will be hunting around carboot sales and thrift stores this week. It irks me because I have a strong feeling that once we move the ogre will just throw away all this furniture anyway (like he did in the other bedroom he redid recently) and just buy all new. So what we could use will be tossed. But, whatever. We are leaving. Finally. I’m sure when we leave people will hear what ingrates we are/were.

In good news DH has a job interview today and tomorrow. We really hope he gets the one at the care home so he doesn’t have to burn 300-400 in petrol a month for his now part timish job. We are left with basically nothing at the end of the month. I worry that if I don’t get a job soon and if he doesn’t get a better one it’s going to be very hard for us to stay out on our own. So crossing my fingers.

I did get a text and voice mail from an agency two days ago. I called back within 15 minutes. Same thing happened that always did. They will not talk to me and will not return my phone call. I’ve called 6 times now spread out over those two days. I’ve been hung up on the last time by the secretary when I mentioned that I had been calling but not gotten a call back and I was confused as to why. I mean the agent initiated contact… the same thing has been going on for over the last year. But it looks like it’s not just me, thankfully. I was reading a forum of people mentioning similar incidents. I was not aware agents had a quota to meet and that they meet that by getting your information, asking questions and then that’s it. They are done with you. Very irksome.

Well, back to filling out applications. Oh yeah the ogre laugh of the day. Dh bought a microwavable meal on the discount rack the other day. He threw away the container. Not sure if he was suppose to recycle or not. Anyway, the ogre takes it out of the bin outside and puts it back in the sink. DH was going nuts yesterday trying to remember if he did indeed throw it away or not… The ogre – this is the man who consistently put the wrong recyclables  into the wrong containers for months and would leave out a pamphlet open and on the kitchen counter for us since we were in the wrong. We would put the correct things in the correct bin and he would take them out and put in the wrong bin – then leave out the pamphlet. Then he must have read it one day because he put all the things he moved in the bins the previous day back. This is the man who I’ve seen pour out over 20 various bottles of old cleaner and chemicals instead of disposing of them properly with the excuse, “worse things happen at sea.” Oh yeah and the man who threw away recyclables the other day… So DH found the container tossed into cold water with some dishes. Ogre likes doing that. Toss anything that is oily in with the dishes so that the dishes are now infused with grease and are greasy and 10x’s grossier then when they went in. It is always left for us to wash. Thanks for making a simple job even harder. But that is how it is in ogreland.

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