About once a month, the ogre gets his man-pms. For about a week he acts like a super terd, the rest of the time just an irritating terd.

Terdiness over the last three days:

More door slamming

DH and I getting the “peeps” – usually he’ll stare out at us through the blind or window whenever we come or go. When he’s extra crabby he just opens the door and stands there and stares at us until we drive off. Btw, the front door to the car is about five feet. So it is very hard to pretend we don’t see him glaring at us.

Stealing and eating our food again. Jam and butter yesterday. This morning I find a piece of our bread out on the back lawn for the birds. I guess he tried to make toast (which I have never seen him eat in 3 years here and he doesn’t buy loaf bread only baps and rolls) burned it (toaster hasn’t worked correctly in years and burns one side of the toast) and tossed it out there. I checked his bread box. He still has rolls in there to eat. So good enough reason to move our box of cereal and loaf of bread (which we being silly we left downstairs this week) back to the bedroom. 

Coming into our room and going through our things.

I get home last night exhausted. I walked 7 miles for work and the weather was rotten. Gusty winds and sprinkling rain. Not horrible, but walking 1.5 hours in it you get cold and wet. You know how it is, you get near your door and your body is so tired but relieved you could just give out on the spot. It knows that it can lay down soon! Wrong! The ogre spotted me about five feet from the door last night. Oh good, we can play the game of him not wanting to let me in. Never mind I have a key. He is just going to stand there almost face to the glass staring at me and leaning against the door with both arms on it, almost like pushing it so I won’t be able to open the door. Ok. I literally said “fuck this” and turned around and left. The last thing I wanted to do was walk more in the cold and rain, but I don’t want to play games either. DH wasn’t off work at the earliest for another 1.5 hours. So I had to walk another mile and a bit to the grocery store I JUST went by to warm up. I had to literally stop and take two breaks I was so tired. One I just sat on the wet sidewalk and rested as there was nothing else around to sit on, the next one down the road I found a bus stop. Finally DH got to the store and we went home. My plans for making dinner… too exhausted. I got DH a frozen pizza for a 1.50 and he had that and I ate a bowl of cereal.

Every morning I bring our dishes down and soak them in the sink for the hour I am away and do in them in the morning. I take down the dishes this morning. Sink full of orange greasy water. The ogre has put all the plastic curry take out containers he is going to throw away in the sink again to sit there. They will sit there for days as usual. I see the butter container he threw in the sink yesterday, which I took out has migrated back in there. I’m not doing his nasty greasy dishes. Ok, I am. But later. After he takes the plates out of the sink and silverware he’s put in with the containers and not put any soap on them and just put them on the drying rack I will rewash them because they will be orange and greasy. I am not using nasty unwashed dishes. But for now, I am not washing that crap. So our dishes will start piling up in the room because there is no where else to wash them at. 

Ogre put his shit (faeces) in the bathtub again. 

I saw the downstairs toilet door was open. Not sure if he shit in the toilet again and left it. Sad I even have to ponder that.

Well, only about 4 more days of him being a jerk face.

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