Possible Sinus Infection

Well, DH and I have been sick off and on a  month now and not feeling any better. I spoke with someone yesterday who used to work in the medical field and was told we both probably have a sinus infection. Which would explain the horrible cheek pain, headache and the intense pain of sitting at the computer more than ten minutes at a time the last two weeks. Even on the lowest bright setting it is like paper cuts to my eyes! I was advised I should try steaming my face for a few days and if that doesn’t work then get antibiotics, which is fine because it’s the holiday season and I don’t know if I can get into the GP easily right now, so I’ll happily try whatever. All yesterday the kitchen is monopolized. There is no hob free, all the counters are full of crap. Finally the ogre gets drunk and passes out so DH makes some dinner, we eat then I notice he’s gone to bed. Great, I can go steam my face. I boil the kettle, make room on the hob and pour the water in/turn it on. Two minutes pass. I’m still waiting for the pot to start boiling. Nope! Here comes the ogre! So I say F it and go back upstairs. I’ll see if I can try it  tonight after he’s gone to bed. I was just so mad last night.

DH has been going through an old diary of his moms that the ogre didn’t find yet and reading it. It doesn’t seem anything personal, but more of a – I went to the store today, I talked to this person today thing. No personal thoughts. Some more memories have come up while reading the journal, one of them being his dad cheated on his mom multiple times and her telling DH about it. When I first came here he went to find matches in his dad’s room and found a bottle of viagra. He asked me about it. It was very awkward. And no, it wasn’t for use with ogre’s wife. It would be impossible with her condition for them to do it. He told me last night his mom did not like the housecleaner. I have told DH before I suspect something between the two. When I came here I was cleaning the house and DH and I mentioned I could continue cleaning to earn my keep while I wasn’t allowed to work. Ogre would not get rid of the housekeeper. “It’s very complicated” he would say and blow us off. He would keep telling us that he needed to give her a job or else she couldn’t get pregnant via IVF. Ok. I’m sure she could get another client. He also has this pet name he calls her. Anyway a couple weeks ago we saw his overnight bag in the hallway along with a wine bag with a bottle of wine and a card for her. If it was a b-day or Christmas gift why not give it to her the next week when she came? (this was before Xmas) It’s pretty obvious he was dropping it off. At her house? That would be too unprofessional, at another of her client’s house while she’s working? Again, unprofessional. Bit odd if you ask me. I had to make another tasteless joke to DH as the woman is Polish. Does she have a visa? Maybe he’ll get in a relationship with her and see if he can try to sabotage her visa too!

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