Rethinking Meal plans

The ogre offered DH some of the curry he took to someone’s house the other day. You know, the pork curry he let sit out for days? He told DH he put it in our fridge. First, the ogre’s fridge which is 2-3 times the size of ours (we have a tiny under the table dorm fridge) is completely full of food that he purchased for dinner parties, holiday crap and the like. Most of it is just rotting away in there as usual. He has no room in there, so it put the curry in ours, then asks DH if he wants it. DH says no. We have been making out quite well at the nightly discount aisle on bags of lettuce, vegetables etc. So our fridge is fairly full. Now we have his curry crap in our fridge which I think is just in there because he didn’t have space. 

Ogre has been ignoring the plumbing issues again. Last time the ceiling down below in the dining room began to leak because of it. Then the contents of the toilet backed up into the tub. DH was actually very sick during that time with um… the craps when that happened. Shit all backed up into the bathtub. The tub has not drained properly in 2-3 weeks. Finally it just stopped draining. It is now full of large black pieces of mystery stuff and chunks of green that look like shredded leaks. We are not allowed to use the tub nor the sink in the bathroom. I’ve not bathed in three days now. This is just stupid and preventable. 

Ogre is having his dinner party this afternoon, as figured he confiscated the chairs. I guess I should be lucky I have a chair at all. DH and I took some others from downstairs that no one uses. They are so ungodly uncomfortable that’s why. Sitting in it for two days the last time the chairs were taken actually gave me a large black and purple bruise on my thigh about five inches by three just from sitting on it. I swear it is without a doubt a torture device!!

There were more money issues due to DH not paying attention to his bank account. 😦

I’m trying to get our grocery bill down, right now we spend 25 pounds a week on meat and eggs and about 20 at the store for misc items. I know we could eat a lot cheaper/better if we could use the kitchen reliably, but that’s not going to happen any time soon. I’m trying to get the meal cost down to under a pound per person per meal. Right now we just eat discount aisle food or ramen for most meals. I’d like to make and freeze a few meals which I can try to thaw on the radiators upstairs. But we need to spend money on plastic boxes, so every time the ogre gets curry now we are going to take the boxes out of the trash and save/reuse them. I even wonder how this will go. The ogre loves buying expensive large cuts of meats and putting them in the deep freeze, he seems to just toss them in. The result is that other crap he’s bought like packs of sausages, pre-made hamburger patties, pies get either smashed or the plastic wrapper gets torn allowing freezer burn. I joked with DH saying I’m glad we couldn’t afford a wedding cake, because if we froze it and ate it on our anniversary it would look unrecognizable due to the ogre just tossing stuff in there on top of it. So half of me wonders if the plastic containers which aren’t that strong will be shattered. We’ll see. All I can really do is try. 

More job hunting. It’s been over a year of applying for jobs. I’ve applied to at least a couple thousand. I’ve come to the conclusion no body wants me. Maybe it’s a sign. Even the shit jobs don’t want me for cleaning toilets. My old career field won’t have me back since I’ve been out of work over a year – said a recruiter last year and seems to be the case. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever get out of this hell hole. All I need is someone to take a chance on me!! I’m a good loyal employee and have always got raises or awards, I always do more than my fair share! I hate sitting here unable to do a damn thing until someone hires me. I was even desperate last year and tried catalog selling door to door which netted me in the negatives. And it’s not like once I have a job everything will be fine and dandy, it will still take months to scrimp and save to move out!! So please, someone give me a job, now would be nice!!

Well, the lunch/dinner guests have arrived. It absolutely sucks being broke as fuck, jobless and seeing people spend more money on a lunch that my husband and I do a month and a half for both of us on groceries, then knowing most of it will just be going to waste! 

4 thoughts on “Rethinking Meal plans

  1. Sorry if these are stupid questions, but… Are you registered with the temp agencies? I know it sucks being a temp, but nothing in the world could suck worse than your current position. What area of the country are you in? Just wondering if you’re in a rural area, where office jobs are more scarce…? Also, you mentioned cleaning toilets… have you actually applied for any cleaning jobs? Depending on if you’re cleaning houses, office blocks, factories, shops, etc.. some of them are not too bad. Fast food? At least you’d get a free meal during your shift, so you could be sure you’re actually getting fed something decent.
    I really hope that 2014 brings some decent luck your way…

  2. Hello again, TB1. Hope you are doing well. I wouldn’t say they are stupid questions, I don’t give every detail here so you don’t know the answers to them. To answer your questions:
    Temp agencies – yes, I am registered for places that offer general work like office work and also with agencies in my old career. I don’t really know if I live in a rural area by standards here. I mean I don’t live out in nothing but farms or woods, but the town is very small with family businesses and has some small shops that seem to disappear every six months then reopen with another business that dies shortly afterward. I live in a more small upscale town (supposedly) that is filled with nothing but old people.

    Yes, I have applied to quite a few cleaning jobs with general cleaning companies for businesses and residential, jobs straight through offices, nursing homes, a mall that is a few towns away. I apply for the ones that do not require a car.

    Fast food, bakeries/sandwich shop, pizza place, sit down restaurant type places I have applied for. I don’t think most fast food places give free meals, the places I have applied at give you a 70% discount. I don’t think I would eat their food anyway, the foods I could eat without making my UC flare up would be salad and I can find that a few times a week at the Tesco bargain bin, thankfully.

    I’ve applied pretty much everywhere, even jobs I know I’m not qualified for. I figure maybe they’ll look at my CV and laugh but might know of another position there I could do. I’m curious what you do, TB1 and how you got your job?

  3. Once upon a time, I had a fabulous job in facilities management, working for a team that managed the head office of a major UK bank. I can’t even begin to describe how fast-paced, fun, interesting, and rewarding it was! And then in 2009, after the whole banking world turned upside down, I was made redundant along with 25% of my team. For 2 years I tried to get myself back into a job like my old job… that’s when I realised how unique that job was, and how it basically didn’t exist in other companies. I registered with 3 or 4 agencies, and took temp jobs as they came up… a month in a lawyers office, 3 months in a call centre making appointments for plastic surgery… and 7 months as a cleaner in an office building. All the other cleaners in the place seemed to enjoy it. But I guess I thought I was ‘too good’ for it… I know that sounds awful, and I don’t mean it like ‘I’m too good to be a cleaner’, but more like ‘I am capable of making more money than this.’. Dunno, maybe that sounds bad too. I kept applying for stuff online and going on interviews the agency set up, and eventually got a temp job at the bank where I work now, and after temping for a year, I was taken on and made permanent. It’s boring and badly paid, but I’ve kind of settled into it. Although I do intend to start job-hunting in the new year to try and increase my salary.

    I’ve never had any problem getting called to do jobs by the temp agencies, but I guess that is because I had already proved myself to them by completing a couple of their assignments. But before I got the first gig, I did have to phone them like every week or 2 to ‘remind’ them I was still out there, and still actively looking. Maybe you could send out a few emails to the consultants to let them know you are still available and could start an assignment at very short notice. Sometimes these people just need a kick up the arse! I don’t know how much of the problem could be the area you live in… are you anywhere near a decent-sized town where there might be jobs? That part was easy for me, as I live in a large city. Is there any scope for maybe getting taken on by your husband’s employer? I know it’s a crappy company paying a crappy wage (and, isn’t it illegal to pay less than minimum wage?), but at least it would be 2 crappy wages coming in, instead of just 1.

  4. You sound much like me – except I lost my job in 2010 in kind of a niche area – the industry just doesn’t really exist here and is mostly outsourced 😦 So besides trying to find a job I’m trying to rethink a career.

    I have some contacts at the general office work agency I email them once a week to let them know I am still alive but have petered off over the last three weeks, mainly because of being sick.

    I used to email the agencies in my old career field once a week but I gave up on that about a month ago. I think contacting them is a lost cause in some ways. I think the agencies just suck. In a year they’ve had five openings in my field. One required moving to Scotland the other was a four hour round trip train ride to get there. After calculating the cost of travel via train it would have eaten my entire check a month before I got taxed (then it would just be making negative money). I contacted one every week for two months about a position I applied for – Did they hear anything back? “No, nothing yet. I’ll poke them.” Next week, nope, nothing yet. Mind you I could only contact people from this agency via email and only by phone if they called you. If you call their office it is routed to a general secretary that will not transfer you no matter if you say the agent has already contacted you and you are to call her back. Nope! After about the sixth time calling I figured it out. They actually said to email the agent… not that they really get back to you…

    I must share this one agent adventure with you. I see an ad basically testing the usability for the county website and giving feedback and suggestions. As part of my old job I did usability/general testing/application launching/ browser testing for the websites of the old company I worked for. So, I can do beyond what they require. I apply for position. I hear nothing so I see on the site – I think it was indeed or something you could contact the person who is in charge of filling the role. I click the button to contact the person. (No email is given just a contact button) Nothing. Two weeks later I hear from them. Their agency is no longer deal with that job it got passed to another. Does not say to whom. I email and inquire. Oh maybe it’s this company. Email other company, explain why I am emailing. No, we aren’t handling it, this company is. Email next company. Lady is excited to meet me over the job after I inquire. Great! She then asks me to send my CV. I hear nothing for days. I email back. She is no longer interested but doesn’t want to say it straight out instead explains it in a way that is even more confusing, so I email back asking for clarification. Still confusing. Then finally she says she’ll let me know if she finds work that I’m suitable for. But I’m suitable for this? If anything over qualified! The website I was involved with for three years was visited by millions of people a day, it wasn’t some po dunk website. So I just chalked it up to her seeing I”m a foreigner and sticking her nose up. I have no other answers, getting an honest answer from the lady wasn’t going to happen. I admit I was pretty furious over the whole thing.

    I had one interview once at a friend’s job. He calls and tells me that he passed on my CV and they want to interview me in an hour. Never mind it would take an hour to get a bus there and I’m not even at home with a way to get home to get dressed. So I say the best thing I can do is tomorrow. Waste money on travel there and back. I get there and it’s obvious the lady has already chosen someone for the job. She interviews me for two minutes then has me open up the company software that has no documentation or tooltips and tells me to route a call to this place with five different features with no instructions. It was more of a here, try to figure it out type thing. She was suppose to come back to look over my work but never did. She sent someone instead then said she’d let me know in an hour if she picked me. Got home, got the email she didn’t want me and picked someone else. What a waste.

    It may just be me and agencies. I tried agencies back in the US a few times and have only ever landed a job through one once and that was a three month back and forth over a job they said I was hired for.

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