You’re an idiot, sir

I’m hungry last night and so DH goes downstairs to make me ramen. The few minutes he’s down there he’s ambushed by the ogre. “You need to clean up after yourself when you use the kitchen!” Before the ogre went into full asshole mode a year and a half ago I used to clean the kitchen after everyone constantly. It was never a mess. Now we clean up but it’s not as frequent. We don’t want to be downstairs more than we have to. Sometimes we wait hours to go make food because the ogre is still in the kitchen. Doing what, we don’t know. There are times we leave a pot or two on the hob dirty and don’t wash it till he goes away that day or wait till late at night or in the morning. It’s hard avoiding him. This is his sleep schedule: 3am – 7am. The man never sleeps, he’s so hopped up on caffeine pills. 

DH apparently left a grill pan in the oven dirty. We found it in the sink earlier this week soaking. The ogre likes to soak dishes overnight so that if the dish wasn’t completely infused with grease it now is after sitting in cold water for hours. Then he’ll not rinse it and put it in the drying rack. So DH got out the pan, washed it, used it for his lunch then went back to work. So it was dirty again. The ogre tells him last night about finding it dirty again – granted it wasn’t even like the ogre washed it before, it was just sat in the sink nasty. Anyway, DH says he used it again and by the time he got home from work it was too late to wash it up because he would be making a racket. (Which is funny because the ogre will “wash” dishes for hours in the kitchen under our bedroom and slam and bash things around at 3 am) The ogre wanted to use that pan to put a thawing leg of lamb in. There were other bigger pans he could have used that would have made more sense size wise, but he didn’t want to use those!

After DH tells the ogre the reasonings why it wasn’t washed, the ogre says, well what about this pan you used and didn’t clean?!  DH replies: “I didn’t use that, you used that when you made roast a couple nights ago.”  



Yeah, the ogre was trying to bitch out DH for a dirty pan he created DAYS ago. “Oh, I take that back then.” says the ogre. So now DH has shown the ogre he’s a moron. I wonder what punishment will be next. Sometimes we like to joke about what the next punishment will be. Maybe he will hire a wrecking ball to come through our bedroom wall while we are trying to sleep. Slamming dishes, cupboards and running the washing machine that sounds like a helicopter at 4am just doesn’t do it anymore. 


This isn’t much about PA-ness, but rather about how inconvenient it is not being able to use the house phone.

As DH and I are always strapped for cash when I started looking for work I was using his mobile number. I didn’t get that many calls back but even then it was an issue as he always has his phone with him it is very much needed for his job. So I would have to have them call me and leave a message then wait till he got home for lunch then call them back. If I couldn’t get through to them then I would have to try later. I honestly don’t want a mobile phone. I know some may look at me in horror like I’m nuts, but I don’t want one. I shouldn’t have to have one to get a phone call. There is a house phone here. It shouldn’t be such a big deal to make local calls and receive them, but I can’t. I can’t go downstairs to answer the phone and when it rings the ogre jumps to answer it. Might be someone that he can trap into a 45 minute conversation about how great he is! 

We broke down and bought a junker 10 pound phone for me in October and with 30 pound credit which was required. That phone hasn’t worked one day. We called to activate it, it was never activated. Between being sick, the car constantly breaking down and DH working morning and night shifts most days we didn’t actually get to the mobile phone store until yesterday. After an hour and a half there talking to reps and back on the phone to the mobile company nothing was resolved. They wanted us to spend more money to do a work around. NO! Our case was escalated, they’d call back in a few hours. They never did. We called them back. The rep said it was never escalated. Apparently there is a huge fault with the sim card and the IT people must look at it. I must wait until Tuesday nor or in other words five more days for a possible resolution, then they can try to reactivate it again. A real hassle over a simple mobile. All I want to do is use the F-ing house phone to receive and make calls from!!!

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