Grandma is staying for awhile

Seems DH’s gran is staying for two weeks. Oh joy. You might be wondering if the ogre told us? Ha-ha. Of course not. He left his day planner out so we had a look at that. 

Yesterday morning was fun. I went to use the toilet and the seat was down – which the ogre likes to do from time to time especially if the doesn’t flush his nasty diarrhea. (Granted a lot of times he just leaves it open with that there…) The gran’s been here four days so far and I’ve not really noticed her putting down the seat. So I suspect it is him. Well, on the toilet seat someone has smeared brown stuff (I can pretty much guess what it is…) right in the middle of the lid on the front and back where one would normally put their hand to lift it. I ignored it and lifted from another side and used it. The thing about it was that it looks like there was fingernail drag marks through it. EWW! 

Some might wonder, why not clean it up? I’m done with that. I have to clean up the shit in the bathtub every day to use it. I’m tired of cleaning and flushing shit on/in the toilet. The ogre is doing it on purpose for shock value and to punish us. Every time we clean it up or flush it he gets his jollies knowing that we’ve seen it and had to deal with it. I’m not giving him satisfaction anymore. So the toilet seat magically found itself down again last night. I guess he thought someone would go in there in the middle of the night too tired to notice the shit and touch it. What a child.

Also, as the bathroom borders our bedroom wall and you can hear everything through the wall I’ve noticed another thing. DH’s gran doesn’t wash her hands either. EWWW. When I mention the door slamming and the not washing hands of his Gran DH has nothing to say. I mention these things because I’ve asked him before if he thinks his Gran shares traits that the ogre has or has possibly caused him to be like that. 

Speaking of Gran, she gave DH a gift last night. He handed it to me, I looked at it. There was random old tape on the paper, a hole in the paper and where it had been taped (newly) just an inch on both sides by the new tape you could tell it was taped there previously and tore off. I mentioned this. I think he got a regifted gift. “Oh, maybe she reused the paper.”  Hey…maybe who knows. 



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