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Yesterday I was rereading my post from that day and making some corrections – I hit “publish” and what happens? Nothing. I look down, the internet icon is gone. Then the computer shuts off a few seconds later. Oh yeah, the workman is flipping the breaker switches turning stuff on/off all over the house. Nevermind a courtesy knock letting me know they are doing that. I’m pretty much a non entity. So I didn’t come back and edit it yesterday nor post my next rant.

I think I should probably rename this blog to “My shit life” instead of “Shit my fil does”. I just rant about anything and everything anymore. But looking at it, it’s serving it’s purpose for the moment – the blog is for me to vent and air out my grievances. So, I guess if topics mingle, so be it.

DH and I made it down to the bank yesterday and were promptly told that they branch is too small to have someone evaluate us for a loan. We’d have to find a bigger branch or apply online. So he applied online and we were approved thankfully. 21.7% interest ha-ha. Oh well. Much better than the car loan I am still stuck to with my ex PA husband – 31%. I think most of it is due to DH having had no credit period, but would like him to get a credit score and info soon. So we were approved but they cannot give us the money until we sign papers and we must go to a bigger branch. The branch would only be 4 miles away but they can’t make us an appointment until the 27th at the earliest. During all this, I remember all the times in the US I’ve gone with people to buy cars/buy my own car and been out of the dealership with a car the same day with financing. I guess things work differently here 😦

Health wise I feel meh… I’ve had a urinary tract infection for three days now, now I am getting a bacterial infection places due to it. Hard to flush out your system -aka use the bathroom when he’s here. And right now I’m stuck up here with NO water again. There was a bottle but DH took it with him to work. Stupid’s bedroom door is open (it is always cracked when he is home) and his car is in the drive, but I’ve not heard anything for awhile… which makes me wonder. He was suppose to be leaving today for his mother’s house but as of three am (I was up sick until early hours last night) he was still up, so I have no idea what’s going on. Is he here or not? So, I’ll give it two more hours to make sure. I took out a roast last night to thaw in the bedroom so DH and I could have a nice dinner the day and a half the ogre will be gone. It’s thawed now… just sitting here until it can be put in the fridge.

DH has lucked out so far in that he’s not been asked about the courtesy car in the drive. Of course, now we go in pairs downstairs. I hate going downstairs with the ogre here but it is less bad if DH is with me. If I go down there the ogre will not talk to him. He’ll make a show of saying hi and excluding me, but that’s about it. At night we go to the bargain bin at Tesco to get food that is almost expired/they are going to throw out that is deeply discounted. We went the other night and DH left his keys inside. (He’s done this twice this week) He about lost it. So he had to ring the door bell and have the ogre let him inside. He grabbed the keys and as he went back into the rain the ogre asked him something like “Oh, are you off?”  DH said yes and ran back to the car. The ogre stood there in the doorway with his arms crossed looking irritated and watched us for the two minutes it took us to get out of the driveway and turned around. (Lots of neighbor cars parked horribly here to navigate) I’m not sure if he thought he was going to ask DH about the car just then to sate his curiosity or what. But DH is not standing in the rain to talk about it. So, that was mildly creepy. I hate anytime he stands in the doorway with his nasty glare or peeks out at the blinds at us as we are leaving. It’s like a scene out of a horror movie.

I still never figured out what the fix it man did in the bathroom. All I can tell you is it looks like he pulled out the bathtub and replaced it/ did something with the pipes. I thought maybe he came to fix the tub as it doesn’t really drain anymore, but I guess not… as it still doesn’t really drain. The ogre had some wall lamps ripped out and new ones put in, he also hired the man to plug in the new tiny fridge (I forgot to mention the ogre got rid of the fridge we were using two weeks ago. So we had to put our things in his fridge. That’s a horror story in itself) he purchased and slide it into place. That was 8 hours of work right there.

During this DH comes home and sees that his plastic three shelved roly bin is out in the hallway now. He rolls it back into the guest bedroom. (The ogre told DH to take the bin upstairs about two weeks ago because it was downstairs… in a room no one uses, bothering no one – clearly it was in the way. As we don’t have room in here, DH stuck it in his late mom’s room/guest bedroom. It was not in the way there either.) Instead of saying anything about the bin, Ogre rolled it out into the hallway. DH of course saw it rolled out there and rolled it back in. Then Ogre found it rolled back in to the room and  was steamed. He then came knocking on the door and told DH to put it in his room, DH said – we don’t have room in here for it, can we put it in X’s room? (X being DH’s sister who moved out a year ago but left her room in a hoarder situation – shit from wall to wall piled everywhere. She’s not been here in that room for about a year. I am contemplating getting a pic and post it here) NO! We cannot place it that room, in which no one is using. We MUST put it in our room. Ok, fine, whatever. It’s in the room now.

(More about the guest room in next post)

So even less room in here now. This was my night last night: Feel sick, get up from bed – step on random shit on floor. There is stuff piled around the edge of the bed by about a foot. So to get into bed you have to step over/launch yourself into bed.  Getting out of bed isn’t that easy, you can’t see where the junk/begins or ends. Then coming in I whacked my foot good on a hard plastic carrying case of DH’s. I repeated this several times last night. I’m really tired of just turning around in this room and knocking shit over. DH is still sick (now over 3 weeks) and thought he was running a fever, which he was. To get to the damn thermometer it took me five minutes of moving boxes and laundry baskets and misc shit so I could open a drawer and get to it. So tiring.

Speaking of thermometers, I have a short ogre thermometer story. When I first came here years ago DH got sick. He felt really hot and I was sure he was running a temperature. He told me to check the bathroom cupboards to see if they had one, they didn’t. It was dark outside and at that time I had issues with getting lost going to stores. (I know! I have a great story for one time.) The ogre said he was going to the store so I asked if he could pick one up. He said sure. FIVE HOURS later… the man finally goes to the store. I kept wanting to ask him to hurry up, but didn’t want to be rude. Later I found out this is how he works. Oh, his disabled wife is hungry? He’ll feed her in a bit… FIVE HOURS later he makes her a bowl of soup after being constantly reminded. So he finally goes out and comes back… with no thermometer. Was the store out of them? Nope! He said it was X price so he didn’t buy it. I don’t recall at that time if I offered him money upfront or not, but I was willing to pay the price and more for the damned thing. And who really doesn’t buy one when their own kid is sick anyway? I was so boggled and pissed… but now I know, this is how he is.





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