Is he leaving today or what?!

The ogre stayed up most of the night doing god knows what so he didn’t leave early this morning for his mom’s, which supposedly is a 5-6 hour drive. He got up at 11am and left at noon. I thought Ok, that’s him gone. Ha-ha! So I took a nice shower (Nice for the shower head not working and standing in an almost non draining tub) and put some clothes on to wash. I wanted to wash our comforter/duvet while he was gone – takes about 2 days to fully dry on the radiator, but even that was risky so I thought, well the best I can do is febreeze it and put it out on the line to blow some of the stink off. So, I did that. I picked up the bedroom a little bit and decorated goblin town (Goblin town is an area on our shelf with goblin models that we decorate with random things – sticks we find, seashells, rocks etc. We arrange them in different poses to amuse each other.) with some Christmas decorations I found that ogre threw in the trash yesterday and took down the thawed meat and hid it in the fridge (not so well). I put on some holiday music to try to cheer myself up and think about what to make for breakfast…

WHAM! WHAM!  Yes, it’s 3pm and he’s back home. Clearly he hasn’t left yet. Been a 5/6 hour trip I doubt asshole will be leaving today now. So there goes the nice dinner I was going to make for DH and I. There goes trying to wash various blankets we have up here, tonight and trying to  get them dry for tomorrow. Nope. I can deal with not washing the comforter, but the other blankets I’ve been waiting a month to freaking wash. So now, I feel dread again. Forget the music, forget the nice dinner, forget getting my breakfast, forget taking the dishes down from last night or hanging the clothes up right now. I can wait till 10pm now when DH comes home. And this is the frustration I feel. Everything is so reliant on asshole being gone… and when he says he’s going to be gone, we’ll you can’t count on that either.

WHAM! SLAM! *Grumble* *Mutter*


Why can’t there be a Christmas miracle…

Ogre got run over by a reindeer…

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