May have itching down below…

More random ranting. This is what my posts are turning into it seems…

Horrifying title enough for you? Thank this months issue of Tesco magazine.  They have an article in there about the warning signs of diabetes. They mention that one might have “itching down below”. As the ogre has diabetes and never washes his damn hands… eww. Touching door knobs around here just got grosser. 

Speaking of gross, DH has come to this conclusion… finally. He told me the other day that he knows the ogre doesn’t use toilet paper to wipe his ass. Why? Because there is never TP in the toilet of diarrhea the ogre leaves for us several times a day. I told him I could have guessed that based on the fact my late MIL said something about the ogre always having skid marks and would yell at her for using “too much” toilet paper. Ick.

Ogre threw out a can of my Thorntons hot chocolate mix. Was a gift from DH as it is a bit expensive and he knows I like it. Ogre dumped it in the green bin. We found the empty can in the kitchen this morning. 😦 

Random grossness… ogre takes out family size ham to cook. He boils it and manages not to eat it in two sittings. He lets it sit on the counter for about three days where it begins stinking and turned gray. It looked like zombie flesh… 

DH had his therapy appointment. It was his intake but the therapist has extended the intake to include the next appointment as well because of so much stuff that was talked about concerning the ogre in the first one that they did not cover exactly what he plans on working on. Apparently the therapist was horrified over what was told her and asked if the ogre was being treated for any mental illness at this time… DH had a break down the other night. I won’t go too much into it, but suffice to say it involves him being upset about some traits/issues the ogre has passed on to him. I told him if he does not talk to his counselor about this he could very well turn into the ogre as he got older – cold, emotionless, laughing at his own wife’s death. 

This whole trip has been an emotional rollercoaster.  I want my DH to be well and he mostly is but sitting around trying to be supportive while I’m in a crappy environment is so draining. Likely the damage the ogre did will take years to mend. I think once we are out of this environment it will help or at least speed the process up.

Still no luck on a job. I don’t get it. DH is considering leaving his job and going to another in the same field but instead of caring for old people he would be caring for young often combative people which is a bit worrisome.  DH was suppose to have completed his NVQ 2 months ago at this company and they keep canceling the classes because people won’t show up. So he gets to drive to the classes then turn around and come home. Found out his work is also withholding his bank holiday pay for every holiday now. Apparently they cash you out with the bank holiday pay when you quit, which makes me think the company is keeping it in an account somewhere (they are paid by the county) to accrue interest to benefit the company. DH’s work still called 4 times on his weekend off to ask him to come in even though he told them his car was undriveable and going into the shop on Monday… I’ve about had it with the continuous phone calls all night and on his days off from this place. 

In better news, car is fixed we think. Had to take it into the shop three times in three weeks. First the exhaust fell off then the car started stuttering all the time. Shaking you like a rag doll even when idle. So, that’s been a bit expensive… but at least it’s fixed now, hopefully. 



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