The most expensive cake ever

Today I rearranged the room a bit and moved furniture. DH came home for lunch and was impressed! Well, I was with my ex PA husband for 11 years… I’ve become quite good at doing things myself and moving heavy furniture alone. I may not move it the quickest, but it gets moved! So, I made a little more room? I think? It’s hard to tell really. Right now we are going to try to plan on bringing DH’s computer upstairs but the room has only one plug! Not the standard two plugs in a wall socket, but only one! It’s complicated, getting a long extension cord is unfortunately not the complete solution to the problem. 

We figure that we should try to bring up his computer before this dinner party happens. We don’t have a desk persay to put it on, but rather a chest of drawers which will work ok… you just have to sit Indian style in a chair as there is no place for your legs… haha…*sigh* When is this dinner party? We still have no idea. But the ogre is gearing up for it. He’s probably spent about 600+ pounds on custom made curtains for the dining room. The sad thing is, they are crooked and one set on the windows is too short. Let’s not mention they are yellow in a bright pink painted room. So, I’m curious how long it takes before his dinner guests go crazy either from the ogre’s irritating personality or from the mentally disturbing wall and curtain colors and throw themselves out the dining room window to escape.  I know I’ll be listening for the sound of the window shattering! The bright pink and yellow remind me of watching movies about people who are mind controlled and hear a certain keyword that sends them on a murderous rampage. It’s like the colors bright pink and yellow… what does that do mentally to someone? Make them grab the electric ham trimmer and go to town on everyone in the room? 

Anyway, the ogre has bought all new flowers for the garden beds and all the pots lining the front of the house. I think what amuses me the most is the amount of money he pisses away on the stupidest shit. Now I know it’s his money and he can spend it the way he wants, but when you are poor and you live with someone who pisses away probably 10k a month on dumb shit and you’ve needed to visit the dentist for the last year… well it does get under your skin a bit. Apparently the man is going to make a chocolate fruit cake for his guests. Estimated with the new cake tins (2) and ingredients for the cake – the man has spent a fortune. The chocolate for the cake alone costs more than DH and I spend a week on groceries for the two of us. Estimated cost for cake tins and groceries for this one cake? Over 200 pounds. To make a fucking cake. I could get this crown looked at for that amount and fixed… Waiting to see how much he spends on the actual meal. Guarantee with desserts, food and wine it will not be under 1k for maybe 3-4 guests. Disgusting. 


I’m actually curious if the man is going to shape the cake in the sign of a pound sign? That would be hilarious. 

I guess the point of this post is really to talk about how overboard the ogre goes to impress people. The ogre thinks the more he spends on things the more people should like him. But don’t think just because he’s inviting people over and spending a ton of money on them that they are friends. No, I don’t think he has any true friends. Apparently the man likes talking shit about everybody. I had to attend a wake years ago when DH and I were still BF and GF. A friend of their family had died. The ogre made a twenty-ish minute speech about the dead man and managed to turn the speech around to be about himself. DH was a bit irritated over the whole thing then told me later that the ogre was “friends” with the man (was really a friend of his late wife) and the man had money troubles and was no longer able to buy rounds of drinks for people at the bar/pub. So the ogre would go on and on about what a cheap asshole the man was, stopped hanging around him and talked shit about him to people. Apparently the ogre stopped talking to him for years before the man died, yet here was the ogre with his big speech about how missed the guy was and how much of a buddy he was. 

I want to add in at the bottom of my blogs from now on – if possible – the good things that have happened that day or week to be a bit more positive.  Positive thing: The ogre was gone long enough today so that I could move furniture and actually make sound without being worried about pissing him off. I also had time to make DH and myself lunch. (which rarely happens) 

2 thoughts on “The most expensive cake ever

  1. After what you’ve posted about the rotting food and abominable cooking habits of the Ogre, I wonder if people get sick after eating there? Does anyone ever come back again?

  2. I wonder too! I mean, how could they not? Ick! DH was actually laughing at the dinner invite email the ogre printed out. I did not notice this when I read it, but DH did. He said the email was written in such a way that the people could not decline because if they did they’d be made to feel terrible. It was basically saying that the guests had done so much for the ogre during his wife’s death that he’s throwing this dinner party to thank them. It was also worded in a way that didn’t ask them if they wanted to come but rather what date within the next month are they free.

    I know the ogre has had dinner parties before but I’m not sure if they are the same people that are coming back this time. DH and I have never been introduced to these people and all we ever see of them is a glimpse of them at an angle through the dining room door all sitting at the dining table as we go upstairs.

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