Forget about the vet bill

It’s been a couple weeks since I last posted.  The ogre is as irritating as ever – same games everyday.  Although I must mention this one – it is small and not that irritating, but an example for you to see the games you must play with this man. 

Awhile back I wrote about DH and I returning from a stay at a friend’s house and upon arriving home found that the cat had been injured. The ogre knew about it but did not take the cat to the vet so DH did and it ended up being over 200 pounds worth. About a weeks pay check. He had to jump through hoops to get his dad to pay him back for the vet bill as technically it’s not even DH’s cat and of course when the situation was brought up to the ogre he claimed he WAS going to take the cat to the vet – he was just busy playing golf… you know for a week. Never mind the cat had almost a lump on her cheek the side of her regular head that eventually burst leaving a giant hole dripping with pus… golf > living being.

Anyway… we had to take the cat to the vet again. Ogre said he would pay for the visit again and the meds. I believe the total was around 100ish pounds this time. This was a couple months ago. DH mentions the bill and the ogre tells him to leave a copy of the bill on his desk and he will write a check.  BTW, the ogre has DH’s bank info and could transfer the money into his account, but he will not. That would be easy.

So, the bill sits on his desk forever. Then it magically migrates to DH’s computer area where it has sat there ever since. No check. DH has already said forget it. He knows what will be involved with trying to get reimbursed. He will have to interact with his dad, if that isn’t torture enough – his dad will make a big production of it. Writing out the check will be a production along with handing it over. I wish I could explain how he does it, but when ogre does these things he puts on such an air like he is doing you a favor.  DH gets shitted on enough and doesn’t want to go through it for the money. I’m torn on it, we need the money although I know how the asshole is, so I can’t blame DH for just saying forget it.  

So lately the vet bill that’s been sitting by DH’s desk has been moved. It’s been pulled out from some other papers and laid on top. It actually reminds me of the ogre and the recycling pamphlet.  What point is he trying to make? He was given the bill, he said he’d write a check, he never did. The ball is in his court.  It’s like he’s trying to remind DH that he’s still not paid him back for the vet. Like he needs DH to ask him so he can put on a show and possibly turn him down for the refund or take that opportunity to bitch about something. (I say possibly because I don’t know for sure, but ogre’s done that stuff before when he was suppose to do something. It’s like a kid saying – well I didn’t do it, but look at what YOU didn’t do!!! ) So DH and I just roll our eyes.

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