A dinner party? Oh great.

I went to go get meat out of the deep freeze today and I see the ogre left another piece of email on his desk. I don’t know why he does this – ok, maybe I do. But the man prints out what appears to be every email correspondence he has with people and then files them away in the five foot filing cabinets he has.  Also, before he files them away he leaves them laying all over his desk and most of them in a position to where he would not easily be able to read them as he is sitting on his desk, but rather turned upside down so people who walk into “his office” (the garage) to get to the pantry can easily read them.  I guess so it lets us know he is important or some such.  

So, I read one of the emails sitting there. Yes, it’s nosey. Consider it necessary for living here, it’s the only heads up we usually have that things are going to happen.  There are many highlights to the email, let me break them down.

First – got to have a joke in there about not being gay. Whatever. He is the most insensitive person. Our black neighbor across the street is lovingly known as the “uppity N” by him. I’m sure you can figure out what N means.

Second – he tells everyone it’s been far to long since he’s had a dinner party.  A couple years ago the ogre used to talk shit about his son to me. I was new here and unsure of how to react so I would just listen and say OK all the while knowing the man was full of bullshit. The ogre told me that he couldn’t have dinner parties because his son was such a slob and the house was never cleaned. He went on and on about this, poor him.  He just conveniently forgot I lived there too and saw that it was him being the slobby pig. He in fact told me he had to hire the housekeeper because of his son. Never mind it is because he’s a slob and any sort of housework is beneath him, it’s woman’s work.

And never mind… that the last dinner party the man had was a week after his wife was buried.  We have no idea when he planned the party, but most people would have canceled it out of respect. The next day after the party, he has yet another party to feed people left overs from the previous party! 

Next, he goes on to say that everyone’s been real supportive of him since his wife died. Well, that’s a nice sentiment… of course they would be. But the man never grieved. He was making jokes while her corpse was upstairs.  Did his life change any since she’s been gone. Nope!  That’s what disturbs DH the most, that the man did not grieve or change any routines or habits. I think what’s most disturbing is the way she died. 

It seems like they are deciding which day to have it now. A simple dinner party right?

Well, let me talk briefly about these dinner parties. DH’s computer is downstairs on the dining room table. It is there because that’s where it has sat for the last 10 years while being close to his mom while taking care of her.  The dining room table is never used for any meal except holidays. Usually DH gets short notice that he needs to move his computer, which is annoying it itself. Then if he needs to do something on it for the next day he cannot as there is no room to put it anywhere else, not even in the bedroom because there is no room. (Because the bedroom has to be our bedroom, kitchen and bathroom)

Next, the kitchen will be cockblocked for the week of.  This is the disgusting part.  If you read the entries about how he makes soup and lets it sit out for weeks rotting you’ll love this. He’ll plan a menu for the dinner party – and of course it has to be super fancy with I’d say at least seven courses.  The entire week up until the party he will make this food ahead of time and leave it out. That’s right, every counter in the kitchen is being monopolized by trays of food rotting away. And the smell… my god.   I really wonder if anyone goes home with food poisoning.  

So, the use of the kitchen for that week is limited not to mention the night of. The night of it is awkward because we get the feeling we really aren’t suppose to come down and use the kitchen to get food or be seen.  Then there is a billion dirty dishes piled in the kitchen for days further rotting away before they are washed. Not that he actually washes them, but that’s for another time. 


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