How do you come up with a title for goose shit and someone being possessed?

A lot has gone on while I was stuck in bed pretty much unable to move, but I will just mention two.

First, the ogre has stopped flushing the toilet all together.  Realistically this has been going on about two weeks now. It started as once a day now it is every time he uses the bathroom. And considering he takes those horrible diet pills that make him shit like a goose, you can imagine what traumas await us in either bathroom.  You see he will shit the upstairs one up then shit the downstairs one up too instead of just flushing the upstairs one and going again.


So, that’s pretty horrifying.

Second thing is I hear someone elses voice in the house. And every time I’ve heard this some home construction thing is beginning that DH and I were not told about beforehand. Ceiling below our bedroom being bashed out, bathroom being redone and unusable for a week or how about the kitchen being demolished and unusable for 3.5 weeks all with no prior notice. So, I cringed hearing the voice. Within a few minutes I hear the ogre coming up the stairs and stopping in front of the bedroom door, he knocks. It seems that he wants in the bedroom right now and that a man has come to fix a valve on the radiator. (Which lets be fair, he let the valve leak for a year before attempting to do anything about it. I actually think he broke it during one of the times he would constantly turn it off every time DH and I had our clothes on a nearby rack to dry.) I’m in the bed with my back still messed up and the room is trashed. DH and I had been sorting things out to take to the charity shop. I had to sleep with half of the bed full of random stuff because I just can’t continue with moving things around right now with my back messed up.  So I yelled back that the airing cupboard was not accessible right now and to come back after three o’clock when DH came home. Sounds like nothing, but that is me telling him that he is not coming in. Telling him he is not getting his way. This is really huge because something like this could trigger him to have a complete tantrum and become scary. He told me to move the things blocking the way to the airing cupboard and I told him I threw out my back (I hate giving him information, it’s like power to him no matter how small) and I was not moving it. Thankfully a service man was with him, so that helped contain a potential tantrum.

When DH came home he said the ogre told him immediately that he couldn’t get access to the cupboard and with a creepy grin on his face. You see the man doesn’t know what facial expressions to use with what dialog or under what circumstances. DH told him firmly (which I am proud) that there would have been access if he would have told us the day before so we could move things and to let us know when the man will come around again as the service man had to reschedule.  It’s been days and we’ve not heard anything. Likely the ogre will tell DH right as he is going to bed the night before.

There’s also something kind of creepy. I don’t know why I mention it because I don’t even know how to describe it.  DH told me this.  DH had come out of the upstairs bathroom and saw the ogre coming upstairs. The ogre did not see him there on his way up so the ogre was not aware that DH was watching him.  The ogre walks up the stairs holding onto the railing and spreads his legs apart taking each step like he is a sumo wrestler (you know, when they hunker down) with a rictus grin planted on his face. He then reached the landing, didn’t look at DH who would have been right in front of him at that moment, but instead did some weird turn with the same creepy grin and this is the part I won’t be able to describe well… as he was turning his body to go into his room the ogre did this… well the way DH showed me, it was like the man was a reptilian or insect or something. It’s like he shrugged up his shoulders to the height of his ear and tilting his head he dragged his chin across his chest and sumo’d into the room. This is the best description I have. Words really can’t describe it.  It freaked DH out so much and after he showed me, I admit I’m pretty freaked out too. Almost like the man is possessed or something.

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