We are no longer allowed to use the radiators

Can anything else make me any more pissy than I already am today? Answer: NO!

So autumn and winter is coming up which means we can no longer dry our clothes outside reliably and will at some point have to use the indoor radiators for drying. Two years ago we fought with the ogre to keep our clothes dry. He would tell us that we had to dry our clothes out in the dead of winter outside. Wet moist air with no breeze. Our clothes would sit outside for a week and still be damp. Not only that they would smell moldy and we would have to rewash.  The next year we said fuck it. If the man and his daughter can use the radiator to dry their clothes why can’t we? So we used them. That was the end of that right?

No! Every radiator that we would put clothes on, the ogre would turn it off at the base.  We would come home expecting dry clothes but instead they were still damp.  The radiators that didn’t have clothes on were still switched on at the base. See the dickheadness this guy pulls? Every damn time.  

The last two days the ogre has turned on the radiators as it has been damp, cold and miserable in here.  Well, I washed the sheets and I put the fitted sheet on the radiator to dry. It’s not like I turned the radiator on for this purpose, it was already on. Apparently I did bad. DH just informed me that we are no longer allowed to use the radiators to dry our clothes. Ogre can use them, but we cannot. That’s just awesome cause I would like to wear jeans this winter and we know those don’t dry within a day or so inside. 

It makes me want to just sit downstairs with the fucking blow dryer on for hours drying our clothes. Why can we not just use the fucking radiators for 1-2 hours while they’d be on already and get our clothes dry? Why can only the ogre use them? Why is he only allowed dry clothes that don’t stink like mold?

I would just take turns hanging them on the foot long radiator in our bedroom but I can’t even turn that on because our food pantry is right next to it. Food pantry = a chair with a broken computer desk drawer set on the bottom rungs and food is placed on it. So because we can’t keep food downstairs without ogre stealing and eating it we can’t have heat upstairs this winter. Because ogre is a selfish dick head we can’t have dry clothes this winter. Awesome.

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