It was the Ogre’s birthday recently


Years and years ago the demon spawn was birthed and brought unto this world. Was he nasty as a little boy or did he grow up to be like he is now? Who knows. All I know is DH and I said nothing to the man in recognition of his birthday. Last birthday was just before the blow up and we were told we were going to the pub with him to celebrate. DH and I thought oh, the ogre might take mum with him so maybe we could get an hour or two alone. Yeah… right. Ogre needed someone to attend to mum while he was at the pub. I know it was the man’s birthday but we really didn’t want to go.  Why celebrate someone’s birthday who is nasty to you at a pub where the food is gross. (I’m afraid of drinking from their glasses because I don’t wear lipstick and my glass always has fresh prints on there! Food has made us ill etc.) But we went and we sat there and attended to mum. We said little of anything as anytime the ogre goes to that pub (while we’ve been there at least) the only conversation that is had is between the ogre and a group of old men who eat there everyday. Forget making conversation with me, DH, mum or mum’s friend. So it was an exciting several hours. We wish him happy birthday and all that jazz.

My birthday last year which is a couple days later, he says nothing. He’s never said happy birthday to me in about three years. He knows when it is. But instead he fiddled in the garden for a few hours then went up to take a good 8 or so hour nap until 10pm that night. Plans to celebrate my birthday? Forget it, we just watched mum that day. Thankfully this year my birthday was a lot better and we got a chance to celebrate!

So, Ogre’s birthday this year came and went and we said nothing. No card, no gift, nothing.  Why should we? No clue if anyone celebrated it with him, we were out all weekend.  However apparently according to DH he made a big show of dusting off a sideboard in the dining room to set out all the birthday cards he got.  Just dusting the foot area for the cards, never mind the other six feet of sideboard covered in dust.  I kind of wished people had forgotten his birthday but that wouldn’t happen. He wouldn’t let you forget that it is his birthday.  His self esteem is tied to whether or not people remember and/or give him cards/gifts!