It has been decided that there should be new flooring…

So apparently the ogre changed his mind about some repairs going on in the kitchen yesterday. The fix it man was quite irked.  He thought he would be done by Monday in the kitchen and moving on to other jobs he has. Guess not! Ogre had the man rip up the carpet in the kitchen and was going to keep the tile that was below the carpet originally.  Well when the fix it man got to work yesterday morning at 8am that all changed.  Ogre now wanted the title busted up and removed. So no using the kitchen again yesterday and everything is now covered in a thick layer of dust from the tile being cut out.

So all last night I am woken up probably 4-5 times by the ogre making horrible sounds in the bathroom. You know what sounds… the sounds of someone with the squirts. Ick. I’d like to think it was the rotting soup but hell could have been all the diet pills he consumes.  Anyway as the bathroom is right next to our bedroom I got to hear everything!

At 4am he was still at it and that’s when I heard rain starting to come down. The ogre was milling around when DH came home from work last night so we avoided the downstairs area, which meant DH’s workshirt was still on the line outside and it was now starting to rain… hard. So I got up and stumbled downstairs. I didn’t want to turn on the bedroom light and wake up DH to hunt for my socks so I had to go downstairs barefooted. I must explain. I don’t walk around this house in my barefeet period. The carpet is so disgusting that it makes my skin crawl just thinking about it. So, the trip downstairs barefoot was torture enough, but then I had to pass through the kitchen to go outside.  The kitchen that is now dusty and the floor is jagged as hell as not all of the tile is completely cut off. So, a bit painful plus I was in a rush. I go to open the kitchen door to go outside and guess what? It’s locked. Not the top lock, but the bottom lock is locked. The one that requires a key.

The ogre always keeps the door double locked which is quite irritating. I guess for two reasons, because I am an expat I am not used to having doors that you lock from the inside needing a key. Usually it’s just something you turn or bolt shut. I really don’t see the use for a key that could be lost when a bolt will work just as well.  Second the man always hides the damn key. He thinks if a burglar breaks the glass he will then reach through the door to grab the key off the counter to unlock the bottom lock and let himself in. No matter that the burglar even leaning over the glass that he just shattered has be really tall. Probably 7 feet tall to have long enough legs for his hips to come to the glass part of the door so he can bend over and in and then the man must again have either really long arms or upper body to be able to reach the lock at the bottom. I think the odds are really in our favor that some freakishly tall person isn’t going to break in and steal… I dunno… curry stained carpet? Old rotting tomatoes? That it just might be OK if we keep the key in a designated place in sight. I guess I should also mention there are about seven other keys on the ring. Is a burglar really going to try the seven other keys while he is breaking in? My money is on the man will just climb through the glass he shattered… but that’s just me I guess…

Anyway, because of this, he never puts the key to the door near the door and it’s always hidden under shit. So you can imagine how fun it was this morning stepping on jagged flooring barefooted, half awake and trying to find a damn key to the door while the rain is now bucketing down. Almost every day it’s play find the key. I’m waiting for the day that the house catches on fire and the back door is our only exit and we can’t find the key.

The ogre left this morning so I decided to go downstairs and do laundry that I have been trying to do for days. Nope. No access to the kitchen again today. Awesome…

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