Well, it’s been a balmy high 20’s/30 degrees here the last couple weeks. (75-85ishF) Which really isn’t bad unless you factor in the humidity, then it sucks.  The windows are designed to where they do not open very far and are at an angle that when opened not a lot of air flows through.  However, I still try to keep them open for the pitiful breeze.  However I’ve figured out trying to enjoy any air coming through the window is pointless.  I always have to keep the curtains drawn. Why you might ask?

Because of the peeps. I’m not really sure what else to call it, except the “peeps”. Are peeping Tom neighbors staring through my windows? Nope. Fortunately we live next to an old lady and I’m pretty sure she couldn’t even see as far as my window… no, no… it’s the ogre.  Ogre wanders around the house and back garden all day. DH and I have just come to the conclusion that he has nothing else to do and no friends to visit so he wanders around aimlessly and bored as the man doesn’t really do anything. He just wanders around with his hands on his hips staring at things.  So being that he wanders aimlessly around all day that means he doesn’t go do gardening work, finish and come back in the house for the rest of the day. Nope!  It’s unpredictable when he’ll be wandering around. And he likes to stand in the back garden and stare up into my window.  How do I know?  Because I’ve caught him a few times. Now, I’m not undressing or anything like that (I would close the curtain for such things) but I am merely up here on the computer or doing whatever.  He doesn’t even try to disguise he is blatantly staring up here.  So I’ve taken to always keeping the curtains closed. If I open them within ten minutes he is always outside in the backyard! No fail. So, it’s hot in here. (There is also a 50ish gallon water heater in the airing cupboard in the bedroom so that adds a lot of unnecessary heat)

Ogre does not just peep at me in the room. He also peeps at DH or DH and I whenever we come or go. Every morning I stand at the door and wave goodbye to DH as he leaves for work.  Every morning he gets in his car, puts his lunch container on the passenger seat and then looks up at his dad’s bedroom window. Every morning. Why? Because the old man loves peeping out the window at you.  You will either see the curtains rustle and a face peer out at you or he will pull the curtains completely to the sides and leaning on both hands (or hands on hips) on the windowsill will make a show of staring you down. One might think, oh, it’s early, he probably thinks it could be someone else in the front yard? Except this is every morning.  Even during the day when the old man hears us coming down the stairs and out the door he will race to his window and stare out at us. Usually DH and I will pretend we didn’t see it but confirm with eachother that we had.

If we come home or leave while he is in his “office” and the blinds are open he stares at us until we get out of the car and come in. It’s not only nosey but creepy.  I went through a phase where I just wouldn’t leave the house at all. I thought, maybe he stares out the window to see if I am going with DH and whether he has free reign to go through the stuff in our bedroom (as he likes to do)? I mean why else would the man stare at us every time we come or go. I still haven’t figured it out yet.

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