I want to type – “This week has been fairly quiet with FIL”, but that is funny because it is never quiet here.  There is always door slamming, grumbling and mumbling shit about DH and I. But, there haven’t been many new annoying incidences.  I’ve not noticed any of our things randomly thrown in the trash lately. – Unless he is getting really good. The ogre did open DH’s mail a couple days ago then apparently shredded the envelope (the envelope which would have had the vet’s name on it was not in the recycle bin) but put the opened letter on the side table where the mail is generally placed.  How is that even acceptable? How does one open another’s mail and then just leave it unfolded setting out for that person? It’s almost like him letting us know that he’ll open anything he likes whether it’s his or not.  

Work on the kitchen took place all last week and will continue for the next week at least. It has been really hard to cook any food in there although we were told we could while appliances were plugged in. This is not always the case.  This is causing a lot of problems on top of the already present annoying problems surrounding food in this house. Due to the ogre’s unpredictability it can be many hours before I can eat breakfast. Although I am up at six am I am not usually able to access the kitchen until three pm. The average time since my last meal and eating breakfast is generally twenty hours. One day I was unable to use the kitchen for thirty seven hours. So I am generally very weak, lightheaded, very irritable and generally don’t feel well. So add on that my already limited use of the kitchen has been made more limited. Also when DH has tried cooking in there the fix it man has told him not to because it will make the room hot for him…! All this does not bother the ogre though as he eats just about every meal out or has takeaway. It would be nice if we could afford a few meals out!

DH and I found out the ogre lied about his diabetes.  The ogre told DH two years ago that he might be at risk as he is .01 points away from diabetes. Well, the ogre said this to DH not in passing but after the ogre did something wrong and felt he was being criticized he threw that in the conversation. The man said it to get the heat off him and for pity.  And I don’t pity the man. DH and I see a paper from the Dr. on the ogre’s desk. The way that the ogre has papers on his desk (you must pass his “office” to go to the pantry) they are turned not so that he can read them while he is sitting at his desk, but completely turned around so that if you come in the door you can read them! I feel as if he leaves things there on purpose so that we can read them. Anyway the paper said that he was type 2 diabetes and was diagnosed with it three years ago. So his attempts to get pity saying that he is at risk was a total lie. He knew he had it a year previous to saying that and apparently even in his attempts to get sympathy couldn’t even admit that he really had it. He could not admit that his actions has caused himself to get this disease. I don’t think he can actually admit to himself that he has caused it. Type 2 is from being overweight – which he is, but his attempts to lose weight are taking diet and caffeine pills for years. It doesn’t make him lose weight, it only makes him shit his pants on a regular basis. Forget exercise and cutting down on food.  How can I feel sorry for a man who used to steal DH’s and I’s food (We just don’t buy things in jars or pots or specific foods anymore for him to steal) and gulp down entire jars of jam in one sitting and drinks 3-4 bottles of wine a day and will sit and eat an entire tarte by himself? The man who thinks rice pudding and desserts are meals… I’m pretty sure that only leads to more obesity and diabetes, but what do I know!

Speaking of obesity or losing weight. The week that the ogre went away to France I was exercising and jogging… now back to sitting up in the room doing nothing much. I sit so much, I figure one day I’ll just get a blood clot in my leg and die. You watch… sorry to be depressing… but it does suck being stuck upstairs for so long. Four more weeks and it will be a year that I’ve had to stay in this room all day.  I had been trying to exercise downstairs when he is gone but the length of time he is gone is so unpredictable that I’ve not exercised in an entire week. Most of the time when he is gone I race downstairs and put on laundry, do dishes, bathe/use bathroom and get food/water. Exercising is kind of the last thing on my list.  Yesterday I went downstairs to start my day – I got the mail, sat on the couch and opened the first letter. He wasn’t gone 10 minutes and he was back.  I didn’t even get to finish reading the letter before he was home again! So I don’t know what to do… I’m tired of being out of shape and feeling bad. I’ve actually looked up exercises to do in my small space – hotel room exercises and prison exercises. Erm, the prisoners have more space than I do! 

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