Finger Puppet Friends

Yesterday was fairly nice.  The ogre left in the afternoon and after DH came and went for lunch I decided to go to a nearby wood to get some exercise.  I did a combination of jogging/walking as I am really out of shape.  I now have around 30lbs to lose. I don’t mind walking/jogging etc.  I like being outside (well, when it’s nice out) but it is really hard for me to leave the house most days or my room.  I absolutely hate having to bump into FIL on my way out or back in.  It’s uncomfortable.  It puts my stomach into knots. My husband doesn’t even like being around him. True, he doesn’t say anything to me, but it’s the non verbal things he does if this makes sense.

I found this article that explains a bit more: Silent Treatment

The Silent TreatmentDefinition:

Silent Treatment – A passive-aggressive form of emotional abuse in which displeasure, disapproval and contempt is exhibited through nonverbal gestures while maintaining verbal silence.


The silent treatment is a common way of displaying contempt for another individual while avoiding confrontation about that contempt or without giving the target of the contempt an opportunity to resolve the issue or dispute. The goal is typically to invoke FOGfear, obligation or guilt – in the mind of the target individual.

Generally he will stop whatever he is doing and stare at me.  He likes to give these horrible death glares, then he’ll follow it up with grumbling or mumbling to himself then either stomp off or stomp off and slam some doors.  It may sound really silly and it IS and one might say don’t let it get to you, but try living in the same house with someone and dealing with that for almost a year. It is really uncomfortable.  It’s basically someone reinforcing that they hate you on a daily basis.

Anyway, DH tried to ask for time off at the end of the month from his job so that we could spend quality time together since FIL is going to France.  And his job said… NO!  It seems four other people have requested that week off. 😦 UGH.  DH says he’d like to take a week off at a later date and I’d love that, but part of me thinks, what’s the point?  We don’t have money to go out and do anything so we’d be at home most of the time (doing hobbies etc) which would be fine, but FIL will be here.  Who can enjoy time off with constant slamming doors/huffing puffing?  It won’t be relaxed at all.

FIL unfortunately isn’t the type to go on trips by himself, so he only goes when “friends” invite him to tag along on trips which has only happened coming up on two times in two and a half years.  I  put the word friends in quotation marks because I have no idea how this man has any friends.  I’ve in fact never seen any of his friends. Deep in the back of my mind I have to wonder if the man just makes up this whole friend thing and instead has some sort of finger puppet he goes on trips with and talks to, and that is his “friends”.

Well, I digress.  I hope him and his finger puppet have a great time, perhaps treat themselves and take a two week holiday instead.

I actually have this kind of demented plan.  When DH and I are out anywhere where there are tourist brochures (which isn’t often) I always look for ones that are for wine tasting/wineries and for golfing events.  I think, what better way to up the chances the man might go away on a trip? I can just toss the brochure casually on top of the pile of incoming mail where he’ll see it and just assume a flyer was sent out.  Muahaha!  I should probably give this a clever name like ‘Operation Take a Trip’  or something, but I’ve not come up with anything clever yet.

2 thoughts on “Finger Puppet Friends

  1. Haha! Yes, maybe he’ll get stuck in the sand pit! Thanks for the nomination! I have no idea how blog awards work though. I’m such a noob!

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