Tupperware Container

I really don’t know why my FIL has a fixation with trying to throw DH’s lunch tupperware containers in the garbage.  True, we are mostly to blame because the last two times this happened we washed them and left them on the drainer to dry.  Usually we wash, dry and take them immediately upstairs to the bedroom.  The first time I found he threw away the container was about a month ago.  I got up as I do in the morning to make DH breakfast and pack his lunch.  I look on the drainer and the lid for the container was still there, but the container was gone.  The container was sitting on the lid by the way.  Maybe he used the container lidless to store something? Maybe he put it with the other containers in the cupboard? No and No.  Then I think… Oh, today is trash day, I wonder if the ogre has thrown it in the trash.  So at 6:30 in the morning I go out front and peek in the can. Guess what was on top?

Yesterday he pulls that shit with the very same container!  DH found it in the recycling bin and picked it out.  DH said his dad must think its to recycle.  No, he probably doesn’t.  This is where the craziness comes in.  Did he do it on accident twice? Was it on purpose.  Well, let me say that was the only thing he threw out in the bin yesterday, the sink was still littered with about 10 recyclable things – cat food cans, actimel bottles, tin foil, wine bottles, etc.  He actively selected that to throw away.  He didn’t do it on accident.  So DH is going to tell his dad not to throw it away.  I’m sure he’ll get the “Oh, I didn’t realise…” It won’t happen again as it is never being left on the drainer again.



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