FIL rarely cooks, he either eats meals out of has takeaway. A couple nights ago he ordered some takeaway.  For the last six or seven times he’s ordered takeaway he will not listen for the delivery man.  Instead he will go into the conservatory which is the farthest place in the house away from the front door then close the door to the living room and watch TV.  FIL is usually in his “office” (he likes to call it that to sound important, it is really a one car garage redone) when he is home so it would make sense he remain in his “office” for the twenty minutes or so it takes the delivery boy to arrive so that he can hear the door. 

Oh no… he just won’t do that.  Instead the delivery boy has to ring the door bell until DH answers it and then goes to tell his dad that someone is at the door.  If DH is not home then the delivery guy rings the doorbell off and on for about five minutes then starts ringing the house phones until FIL answers the phone and waddles his ass to the door.  Well, the last couple times it’s been taking FIL on average 10 minutes to answer the door.

The other night FIL went into the conservatory again, DH told him that he was going upstairs to take a bath, so FIL should know that no one is going to answer the door for him.  So DH and I hop in the tub together and then after a few minutes hear the door bell ring.  We wait… no one answers… again… nothing.  DH says he’ll go answer it.  I tell him not to.  Is this mean of me? I don’t care at this point.  DH always has to answer the door! It is almost impossible for DH and I to have alone time that isn’t interrupted by something that involves his dad!!  FIL ordered the food and is going to have to pay the man so why not sit in a room where he can hear the guy when he comes?  It’s really not that hard.  I know when I order stuff I keep a listen out for the delivery person.

So DH stays in the tub.  For the next 20 minutes, I am not exaggerating – the guy rung the door bell and rang the phone off the hook.  I admit it was uncomfortable to sit and listen to.  I felt sorry for the guy.  But you know what?  If we weren’t there the guy would still be in the same situation and honestly I’m tired of small shit like this from FIL.  Honestly, sometimes I think he hears the door and phone and just ignores it.  Kinda like – he’ll get to the person whenever he feels like it.

Eventually the man went away and FIL had to eat other stuff for dinner.  Good.  For once cause and effect.  We had hoped that the place would just blacklist him, but he got takeaway the next night so maybe it was from the same place, who knows.  

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