DH and I had went out and had a picnic today.  It wasn’t without downsides however – cloudy cold weather when it was suppose to be sunny and someone’s careless dog who came racing into our picnic area snapping/snarling and stealing our food while the owner stood there and watched uncaringly.  But, it was nice to get out.  It was nice to be away from this terrible place even for a few hours.

This week is DH and I’s first anniversary.  We don’t have much money so this picnic was like our anniversary celebration. 🙂 Looking back our time together been quite stressful.  Unlike most couples we have the stresses and strains of me being an expat and all the paperwork, fees, conditions etc to be together onto of the usual couple stresses and strains.  But really the 2.5 years together have been hellish due to my FIL.  I think back on last year about this time.  Due to the visa fees we didn’t have much money so did a simple service in a registry office and did not have a reception.  FIL asked DH if we were having a reception and DH says that no we aren’t because we can’t afford it.  FIL says fine, do what you have to and then tells DH that since we aren’t having a reception he’s going to go golfing on our wedding day.  Um okay…  But  months later DH tells me that his mother asked why we weren’t having a reception and he told her why.  MIL then says that FIL told her that he offered to help us but we refused!  WHAT?!  So DH sets MIL straight that help was never offered.

So on our wedding day, our two friends join us for the ceremony and afterward DH and I feel guilty.  We didn’t have money for a reception so we thought we could at least take people out to eat on us.  So we call FIL and ask him if he and MIL want to go eat with us at a thai place.  So they come along and FIL being the big fat pig he is orders 5-6 dishes/sides for himself which he knows no one else can eat because most people there are vegetarians.  So piggy eats then says he’s off to play golf.  He leaves before others are finished and leaves MIL with DH and I.  Our friends felt sorry for us that our bill was so expensive (FIL’s food was 60-70 pounds by itself) so they paid for their own meal.  We had given our friends a ride as they did not have a car so now five of us (and some of us are bigger people) had to squeeze in DH’s car to go home.

So we watched MIL for the rest of the day.  No, DH and I couldn’t have one day to ourselves not watching MIL.  We didn’t have a honeymoon nor could we have one night in a hotel by ourselves.  That’s how important our wedding day was for FIL.  I was mad back then over the whole thing and looking back now I think I’m even more mad.  Did we get a wedding card from FIL? HAHA.   This is the guy btw that has family members birthdays on his calendar and always sends a card and a gift.  Did the other family members send a card. Nope.  The only one that sent a card was my late MIL’s mom who has Alzheimers! That’s right, the lady who forgets every couple minutes managed to send us a wedding card.

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